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Girl Talk Thursday – Sweet Valentine

Um. Yeah. Hi! I fail at remembering to blog on any day other than Thursday, it seems. I’ll spare the excuses, but I miss you guys! Must get back to rambling on at length about absolutely nothing.

For today, though, the topic is Valentine’s Day. I fall somewhere between the ZOMG PUPPY ROSES LOVE HEARTS and EVIL CORPORATE HOLIDAY camps. Sure, we should celebrate our love and relationships every day of the year, but it’s nice to have a special day where we make that the complete focus, you know? I’m a sap. I’ll admit it.

That being said, Valentine’s Day has gotten a lot more fun for me since having my kids. I think that’s true of most holidays, honestly. I’m not sure if it’s seeing their joy or if it’s remembering my own childhood or some combination of the two, but I look forward to holidays, even little ones, so much more now.

What I cannot STAND about Valentine’s Day are the freaking jewelry commercials. Specifically the ones from Kay Jewelers. They, hands down, win the YOU SUCK AT LIFE award for every seasonal commercial they ever put out. (Except for the one this past Christmas with the new parents and their baby and it’s their first Christmas as a family and they’re all up in the middle of the night and YOU GUYS it is bringing tears to my eyes even trying to recount it, however poorly, for you here. So I have to stop.)

This year they have one with a lovely young couple staying in some sort of mountain cabin during a thunderstorm, and, true story, I always think it’s a promo for a horror movie every time it comes on. But then the dude busts out some flashy piece of jewelry instead of a chain saw, and I’m disappointed all over again.

So this year the plan was to make cookies and cards with the girls, but now we’re sick! Just like we were for Halloween! (As I recall, we were also planning to bake cookies for Halloween. That’s it — NO EASTER COOKIES this year. I’m making it official. Correlation = causation, right? If it’s good enough for science, it’s good enough for me.) I’m not really sure what we’ll do now, as we’ve yet to reach the bottom of this here rabbit hole, but I’m sure it will involve construction paper and a glue stick at the very least.

How about you? Love or hate? Valentine’s Day or VD?


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