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7 Quick Takes – Summer is here!

1. How are we already halfway through June? In the next two and a half weeks, we’ve got Father’s Day, my blog turns 1, my marriage turns 7 (anyone else feeling itchy?), I turn 29 (for the FIRST time, thank you very much), and the US turns, like, a million or whatever. Mostly I’m interested in the fireworks and perhaps a cake in the shape of a flag. I’m a little bit tired just thinking about it.

2. Then August comes, and August is just a parade of birthdays. Vio shares hers with two other relatives, and it’s the same week as Matt’s and about two weeks before my mom’s. We like to call it Cake Week. Also, apparently by Matt’s birthday, I’ll be able to run 30 minutes without stopping. If you’ll please excuse me, I will spend the next 30 minutes laughing without stopping. Which is probably just as good, you know?

3. But then! The worst thing happens! In that my baby, my Vio, who will be 4, will be starting pre-K. I don’t have any idea who authorized this. I have a whole post written in my head about how this is Making Me Feel (which is mostly: Old, and also: Sad) so look for that some time around … well, I hit publish on it in my BRAIN like a week ago.

4. Speaking of posts written in my head, I have a whole one about Roo and her talking. Her non-stop always talking that makes me want to freeze time just so I can sit and listen to her. Everyone told us to expect the second to be far less verbal, but so far she is giving her big sister a run for her money. Last week Vio spent a good 15 minutes just asking Roo yes-or-no questions to see what she would say. Conversations! Between my children! I’ve wiggled my nose and clicked my heels and all those other magic things, but so far the time just keeps moving.

5. Vio started swimming lessons this week, which was LONG overdue. I was nervous because parents sit in Another Room, and she hasn’t really done anything without us yet. If she’s not with us, she’s with another adult who would throw himself in front of a bus for her, so she’s not really used to being only a semi-precious snowflake. She did amazingly well, though, which is helping calm my fears about pre-K in the fall.

6. For once in her sweet life, Roo fell and smacked her face the day AFTER a doctor’s appointment instead of the day before. Right into the molding around the bathroom door. So it looks a little bit like she got into a scratch fight with a wombat or maybe got slapped by someone with a doll-sized hand. Then she stepped on a dollhouse table and scraped the bottom of her foot. Sorry, sweetie, but you got your mama’s grace.

7. For a very long time I thought I didn’t like dark chocolate. That was really stupid of me.

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7 Quick Takes – Sisters



I am pessimistically suspicious of the possessed floor fountains …



… but I will go anywhere if my big sister holds my hand.




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Mostly not Wordless and definitely not Wednesday

You guys. I never want to forget today.

Football hero and a little princess

Flying on magic carpets!

Roo is unimpressed by royalty

I promise I’ll just get my feet wet!

Oh, my sweet girl

Never ever want to forget today.


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This is a long way of saying, “I have no idea what to post today.”

One of the things I got for Mother’s Day was a homemade coupon to hop on over to Amazon.com and order myself some kitchen gadgetry.

I redeemed it within 10 minutes of getting out of bed. I’m not sure I’d even put my glasses on at that point.

There they are.

Kitchen gadgets are pretty much my favorite things in the whole wide world to buy. My life changed CONSIDERABLY the day my Microplane Zester arrived. And I haven’t been paid or compensated to say that. Pretty much The Pioneer Woman had one and so I wanted one too.

I’m an individual.

(Except when it comes to cooking gadgets.)

So now there is a cookie scoop, silicone baking mat, garlic press, and flat whisk just waiting to be packed together poorly in a box and kicked all the way to my front door.

I like to picture all delivery people like Jim Carrey at the beginning of Ace Ventura. (Pet Detective, of course. I haven’t watched the beginning of When Nature Calls in probably 10 years. I always skip the first chapter, because SPOILER the raccoon falling into the great abyss sends me to a dark, dark place. I also skip the first chapter of Finding Nemo. Now you know all my secrets.)

My mom won’t let me watch The Land Before Time because it makes her cry.

I’ve spent the rest of the day thinking up OTHER kitchen gadgets I didn’t think to order, but should have. Thus immediately refilling my wish list. It’s good to have goals and dreams, I always say.

For one, I need more cake pans. Which was painfully obvious to me today when I was making this ridiculously delicious banana cake that is supposed to be three layers, but I only have two round cake pans. Do you know what that means I had to do with the rest of the batter? I had to be a big, fat hypocrite, that’s what. I made cupcakes.

Sometimes I am so disappointed in me.

But, if you have three cake pans and some rank old bananas, I definitely recommend this recipe.

Though I don’t recommend my photography skills.

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