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7 Quick Takes – Picture takes, to be exact

And, to be EVEN MORE exact, picture takes taken by Vio with her very own little kid camera. They come in several varieties.

We’ve got:

1. Pictures that are so indecipherable, even CSI’s magical ENHANCE would do nothing.

So CSI:FL’s filter is PINK. Good to know.

2. Artistic self-portraits.

Preschooler Twitter avatar.

3. Pictures I’m pretty sure Roo took.


4. Pictures of us making ridiculous faces.

I have about 800 pictures of this exact face.

This picture tells you everything you need to know about my dad.

5. Pictures utilizing her camera’s janky stamping/effects feature.

That’s a whole lotta me, first thing in the morning.

She literally laughed for 5 minutes after taking this one. “She looks like a BABY!”

6. Pictures that I will treasure forever.

My mom and Roo.

My dad’s toes vs. Vio’s toes.

Matt making breakfast.

7. Pictures that are inappropriate for one (or more) of several reasons.

First of all … yeah. Second: How many dogs, how many cups?


More quick takes here. Cheers!


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