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One thing I can promise is that this won’t always be entertaining

Oh, hello Spring! So nice to see you and your humidity all up in my face again. Especially with the pregnancy and all making the 80-degree weather feel like … a lot more degrees than that. Things got hectic up in here and the weather turned hot and then our AC broke again, and I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I’m a pretty cranky person, just on principle.

We started the process of getting Vio into a good Kindergarten program for next year. Which. Well. When I first heard there were magnet programs for elementary school in our county now, I did a big old snort. Like, seriously? Who is SO CONCERNED at this point that they feel the need to put their child in some sort of precious snowflake program? HAAA.

It turns out, when your child’s pre-K teacher describes the zoned school as *RASPBERRY SOUND* + *THUMBS DOWN* (literally, that is what she did. There are no words for the suck, you guys) you want to find a better option. SO! We picked our favorite choices, put her in the lottery and! And!

Got waitlisted! The process from there was, well, daunting. And fraught with chances for me to practice my patience. I had plan A and plan B and plan twelve all woven together in my brain in a Möbius strip of doom and tears. Wait lists at multiple schools meant possibly having to give up a place at a less awesome school to wait around hoping the higher choice school would call and UGH. I know in however many years I will just chuckle at the stress this brought me, and thank goodness for Matt, who handled just about all of it (not, like, emotionally. That’s the baggage I strap on. But I didn’t make a SINGLE phone call, so ha! It could have been worse!) but for now there is no chuckling because WOE.

Last week we found out she got a spot in our second choice school. It seems pretty awesome — a technology-oriented program that is heavier on the science and nerdery — and they have, like, a butterfly garden on the campus. She’ll get to wear uniforms! This brings me great relief and joy, mainly because I just ordered a bunch of pieces from Target for like $3 each. None of them will fit, I’m sure, but savings!


I mean, aside from the gestating, but that’s not so much WE as MY BELLY. And my torso is virtually non-existent. I am a head, some boobs, and then basically my legs start. There’s just not much room for anything in between, let alone another whole person. I’m learning that boy persons are meaner to the insides than girl persons. (To MY insides. I’m sure YOUR boy pregnancies were petunia factories of joy.)

We managed to schedule a weekend trip to Disney on the same weekend as a cousin’s wedding reception, so had to change our plans at the last minute while our out-of-town guest hung out at our house watching our children so we could drink cocktails (Diet Coke) under the stars. HA. SUCKERS.

(As an aside, I do wish I looked more PREGNANT in this picture and less like a lady wearing a tent. Which isn’t an invitation for you to tell me how AWESOME I look, because obviously you think so, but from this angle, Tent Lady, so there.)

Disney was fun. So so much fun. Except the second day when the monsoon came and we spent the day grumbling in the biggest crowds I’ve ever SEEN. It started out fairly promising, with multiple go-throughs of the Buzz Lightyear ride, but it started going downhill after waiting in line for Dumbo, getting up to the front and handed our little plastic ear tickets of joy, and then being told they were shutting down the ride because of incoming weather. With a two-year-old who loves nothing in the world more than she loves elephants. (YOU GUYS. The elephants! Dumbo! Gerald and Piggie! WE WATCHED POOH’S HEFFALUMP MOVIE, FOR FWOOING OUT LOUD.)

Obligatory tourist shot!

I feel so bad for our aforementioned guest (who is a Disney animation employee, and came all the way from California to see us and got us into Disney for free!) who had to witness the implosion of a family trapped in the rain, coated in plastic, overtired, and out of patience. He is a saint. Or is submitting a story about us to one of those awesome complainy blogs we all love to read but would never like to be featured on. I WOULD NOT BLAME HIM, is all I’m saying.

Sing it with me now: IMAAAAAGINAAAATION!

But I have proof he had SOME fun, so ha! (These girls LOVE him. Best pretend uncle ever. He is basically a 10-foot-tall child, so it works out well for them. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Tall people are great.)

That brings us about up to now, which is a week of illness, incredibly painful side pain of the OMG PAIN variety that I seem to get with every pregnancy, and OMG YOU GUYS, we haven’t figured out what causes it in all of these years, but it’s the one thing that makes me shake my head and say NEVER AGAIN will I allow another person to take up residence in my body. I mean, I guess maybe a robot, in the future, if that meant I could live forever as a cyborg. That might be okay. As long as it didn’t come with side pain.

Anyway. What have you been up to?


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