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Now, I’m not saying I’d turn down a cupcake. If you happen to be offering.

Yesterday, TJ put up a fabulous post for what she declared Temerity Jane Amnesty Day. She has a lot of opinions, people, some of them possibly unpopular, and she’s not afraid to share them. So basically, if you haven’t read that post, go read it. I’ll fill in some words here about how I’m pretending to wait for you instead of just carrying on with my post.

When I woke up this morning, I thought of several Potentially Unpopular Opinions I have that I didn’t include in the comments yesterday. (The comments on that post are FABULOUS, but by the end of reading them, I had to walk away. I was getting TWITCHY at all the things I disagreed with. How could people have all these INCREDIBLY WRONG opinions? Sheesh.) Though lighthearted, many of the opinions were on topics which I consider to be Serious Business. A lot of politics. Stuff that, you know, actually matters. To the world at large.

What I want to do for you today is share with you some of my Potentially Unpopular Opinions that are so incredibly trivial, it makes no sense for me to feel this strongly about them. It’s hardly worth my time to THINK ABOUT THESE THINGS, and yet I’m going to assume it is worth your time to read about them. They aren’t really pet peeves; they are situations where there is a Generally Agreed Upon Majority Opinion that — not only do I not share — I can’t wrap my head around for one reason or another.

1. Bacon. I like bacon just fine. Goodness knows I enjoy a greasy diner breakfast or BLT from time to time. But this bacon-as-meme sensation is something I CANNOT UNDERSTAND. Potentially Unpopular: I PREFER SAUSAGE.

2. Fireflies. The song. I love this song. I don’t just like this song, I LOVE THIS SONG. With zero shame or head-hanging. I actively seek it out on the radio. I haven’t yet purchased the song, but I will. Why, internet? Why do you hate this song so much? What did this song ever do to you? IT IS A FANTASTIC SONG.

3. Cupcakes. When the hell did this diminutive dessert steal the show? You know what I like with my cakelike foods? A FORK. Cake is one of the best things in the entire world. You know why? Because the cake is coated in frosting. The ratio of frosting to cake in a cupcake is just plain wrong. Cupcakes are muffins that are trying too hard. (And so help me hot dog, if you refer to them as CUPPIES, I will throw imaginary darts at your face.)

4. Celine Dion. Why’s this lady such a joke? Have you heard her sing? NOT OF THIS EARTH. During the Olympics, there was a whole lot of lumping her in with Nickelback-as-Canadian-joke. Canada: Do not apologize for Celine Dion! She is incredible. She doesn’t appear to be a terrible person. She’s been married to the same dude more than six months. Why all the ire, friends? She thought your name was Handsome Bob!

Do you have any Potentially Unpopular Opinions? If, you know, you’re willing to converse with a Fireflies-loving cupcake smasher who quite possibly weeps over the music video for the theme from Titantic.



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