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Girl Talk Thursday – STUFF you say?

Hey! Girl Talk Thursday! Remember when that was a thing? That I did? No?

Today Colleen is talking about stuff. Specifically, stuff she collects. Colleen likes stuff.

I … do not like stuff. I am sort of the opposite of a collector. If I end up with a few of something, my instinct is to purge it — if other people see that I have a few of something, they may be inclined to get me more of that something! Then there would be more of that something, and it would be my responsibility, and I sort of have Issues with Stuff.

That being said, I do have my things. My WEAKNESSES, you might say. (Or my normalities, as collecting things is pretty, well, normal.) I have nothing against people who collect things, I just don’t want to have to dust those things. Or any things.

I haven’t dusted properly in five years. Does that mean I collect dust?

My husband is allergic to dust.


Jadite. Oh, glorious jadite. I can justify this one because it is dishes. And dishes are for eating! (Off of. Unless you are Cookie Monster. Or want to break my heart.) So you can’t really ever have too many dishes, because there will always be more people who want to eat. I inherited the jadite from Matt’s grandmother, and I treasure it like it is a PET. Or at least a plant that I actually remember to water. I keep an eye out on Etsy all the time for pieces to add to the collection. I have told my husband that all he ever has to get me from here until forever for gifts is a small piece of jadite here and there. IT IS JUST SO PRETTY.

Postcards. Postcards are the only souvenirs I ever buy on trips. They are flat! They remind me of where I went! If I ever wanted to, I could frame them or hang them up and use them as decoration! I love postcards. If someone I know ever goes on a trip and asks if I want them to bring me back something, POSTCARD is always the answer. Or chocolate. But it’s mostly my thighs that collect the chocolate, and now this is just getting awkward.

Books. Duh. Am librarian. (Though, because of that, I take most of my books out of the library. The only books I buy are the ones I really love and want to reread. I’m a filthy Communist that way.)

Now I sort of want to go to the nearest closet and start throwing things in a donation pile. Which would be why I hoard Cardboard boxes. They make getting rid of things so, so enjoyable. Putting it in trash bags just feels wrong. And disorganized. Just because I want it out of my house doesn’t mean I want it done in a disorderly fashion.

So what do you collect? Or not collect, as the case may be?


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Girl Talk Thursday – Retro kitchen stuff and something shiny

This week over at Girl Talk Thursday, Maria has tasked us all with spending $100 in Pretend Internet Monies.

If you’ve spent much time here, you are aware that Pretend Internet Monies are the only kind of monies I’m likely to spend on myself. If I saw any of these items in an actual store, I’d talk myself out of buying them before I got to the register.

Which doesn’t change the fact that I really, really want them right now.

1. Vintage coaster set, Etsy. $9.99. I’ve been all over the place looking for some new coasters to protect our fancy LACK tables from IKEA. The cloth diaper we’re currently using just doesn’t say WIN like I’d prefer. This set is perfect. And I bet it would keep Roo occupied for a good 20 minutes just emptying them and putting them back in the case. (A case! I can TIDY the coasters! This excites me.)

2. Vintage red quilted bib apron, Etsy. $6.50. I have one apron that used to be my grandmother’s, and it’s my absolute favorite thing. The only problem is it’s a half apron, and I am a Messy Marvin. Basically I need a smock.

3. Vintage Pyrex gravy boat, Etsy. $9.50. I could have filled up this whole thing with vintage Pyrex dishes. From back in the day when Pyrex didn’t explode in the oven! So many colors and cute patterns. Love love love.

4. Vic Firth Maple Rolling Pin (French), Amazon. $14. My current rolling pin is of the devil. There is no other explanation. With this and the next item, I might be capable of rolling out tortillas or a pie crust without feeling like I may as well be baking in a van down by the river.

5. World Cuisine Nonstick Pastry Mat, Amazon. $32.64. This one would be the biggest splurge, because I already have a Silpat that I could use for this purpose. But it’s a little small for rolling out more than something small, so I covet.

6. Hand-stamped necklace, Etsy. $28. I would adore this necklace with my girls’ names stamped on the two discs. I’m not all that into jewelry, but this is just simple enough to appeal to me. (Definitely the box chain, though. The ball chain seems a little Teen Rebel to me.)

(Shut it, that’s totally how teens rebel. They wear ball chains and stay up past 10 and chew sugary gum.)

Adding that up, it works out to . . . $100.63. I lose at the Price is Right, but I win at pretty much everything else.

So what would you spend $100 on rightthissecond?


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Girl Talk Thursday – BOOKS!

It’s no secret that I love me some books. I’ve THRILLED you all with my journey back into reading.

Except it seems I’ve fallen back off the wagon. Or maybe I’m back on the not-reading-enough wagon?

Wagon metaphors are hard.

I read five books during March and April. Which is five more than I read in 2009, so I was off to a pretty good start. When I went to bed at night, I’d leave the iPod Touch behind. (I do most of my Words With Friends-ing while I’m falling asleep. Which takes a while, because my half-asleep brain INSISTS that SNARFLAP is a word. Scuttle said so!) I went through the books sort of painfully slowly, but it felt good to be getting in that escape again. (I don’t drive, and that means I don’t really get out a lot. Not by myself, anyway. So, you know. Book escapism. Totally healthy, right? RIGHT?)

All five books were dystopian-themed, and after that, I sort of wanted to curl up into a ball and hide from the world.

Which I suppose is … exactly what I was doing with the books. In the first place. Hmm.

If you check me out on Goodreads (please do! Be the boss of me and tell me what I should be reading!), you’ll see that I’m APPARENTLY “currently reading” my first P.G. Wodehouse. It came highly recommended by two very brilliant, well-read sisters. But it seems like the bite from the reading bug healed right up.

Sadly, I think the problem is that it is TOO SMART for me right now. (Even though I’m really enjoying it.) I am STILL PROCESSING Brave New World. I need some serious fluff. Like some YA. Or maybe those Sookie Stackhouse books you internet people are always raving about.

As far as my favorite most favorite books … well, that sounds like a list-making opportunity, which is pretty much the best way to blog. More lists, I say. Lists all the time.

So. The list. (Omitting books written not-for-grown-ups, because children’s books would probably take right over. And then you might not think I’m a brilliant genius anymore. CAN’T HAVE THAT.)

  • Immortality, Milan Kundera. We were assigned this in high school, and it pretty much changed my life. It’s my stranded-on-a-desert-island book. I love just about anything by Kundera, but this one takes the taco.
  • Flaubert’s Parrot, Julian Barnes. I adore Gustave Flaubert. His entire outlook on life — which I think is summed up best by Spock when he says, “You may find that having is not so pleasing a thing as wanting” — has always resonated with me. This book provides a fictionalized chronology of his life, and it’s fantastic.
  • Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury. I’ve gone on and on about this one before, but the last 20 pages or so of this book are absolutely beautiful. I definitely want to read more Bradbury.
  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Mark Haddon. Christopher, an autistic 15-year-old, wakes one morning to find his neighbor’s dog murdered. He doesn’t believe the obvious lie fed to him by his father about what happened, and the book covers the time he spends after running away from home to find out the truth. Being inside Christopher’s head is incredible. If you’re at all attracted to mathematics, you will ADORE this book.
  • The Talented Mr. Ripley, Patricia Highsmith. Very different from the movie. (Though I also love the movie. Which is maybe uncommon? Usually people look at me like I have spinach in my nose when I say that. Or maybe I just have spinach in my nose. Again.) I think Tom Ripley is one of the most fascinating characters I’ve read. A complete sociopath, to be sure, but he is a strikingly RELATABLE sociopath. Highsmith wrote several books about Ripley, but I’ve not yet read them all. Delaying the pleasure. (I like to think Flaubert would approve.)

Now all I’ve managed to accomplish is that I want to go re-read all those books. But! New ones await!

So I guess I’ll put down the iPod for a while. Boo. (But you should still play me in Words With Friends! I’m dashoff, and I make up words! IT WILL BE SO GREAT.)

I’d love to hear what you guys are reading!


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Girl Talk Thursday – Fashionista

Dudes. I am not much of a shopper. My wardrobe is … pure mom. Mostly. I never buy pretty clothes because they get destroyed EEmediately. And it’s rare I go somewhere that requires pretty clothes.

But then I get invited somewhere, and I panic — BECAUSE I HAVE NO PRETTY CLOTHES.

So I sort of forced myself. To look at pretty clothes on the internet. Because that’s apparently a hard thing to do. This is what I came up with:

1. Window Shopping Tee, by Fossil; 2. Clean Bermuda Short, American Eagle; 3. Flutter Sleeve Top, Gap; 4. Floral Linen Blend Whirly Skirt, Old Navy; 5. Plaid Split-Neck Top, Old Navy; 6. Daisy Floral Short Sleeve Shirt, by Tommy Hilfiger; 7. Glam in Bloom Sandals, by Kenneth Cole Reaction; 8. Beda Dress, Anthropologie.

Now I want to buy all of these things. The pretty!

So how about you? What’s your ideal spring/summer wardrobe?


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