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The universe knew I was sitting on my 100th post, so it threw me something special

On Monday, I went to the grocery store.

It was one of those perfect storms of horribleness, and when I started thinking up how I’d write this all down (because, let’s face it, if ANYTHING sort of terrifying happens, the silver lining is that you get to blog about it) I realized I needed to back things up to Saturday morning.

Saturday morning, Vio peed on the floor at Target. WHILE I was picking out new underwear for her, I might add. Not because of a sense of impending pee, of course, but because she’s been potty-trained for nearly a year now, and she’s pretty much outgrown the 2T/3T Dora and Princess underpants of yore. Matt was chasing Roo up and down the aisle, and I looked back at Vio to show her the choices. This child was in the throes of a (silent) pee-pee-dance, complete with leg-crossing and crotch-grabbing. And now we had pee on the floor, in a store. Nothing in my purse to wipe it up (it was seriously about two drops), and the Invisible Authority figures were surely zoning in. Matt ran Vio off to the bathroom while I paced around looking for an employee to wave down. No one!

So I ran.

Well, I abandoned the scene of the crime and ran up to pay for our stuff so Vio could put on some clean underwear. I juggled the bag and my purse and my wallet and the baby and got them out to the car where Matt was situating Vio. I dropped all my stuff on the floor, got Vio changed, and Matt went back in and wiped up The Evidence.

I really shouldn’t go places without my husband.

We have this routine where we usually do the week’s grocery shopping all together on Sunday mornings. You know, in the interest of me not going places ALONE, when bad things are sure to happen.  With Father’s Day and all that, we switched things up. Matt dropped me off at Publix while he took the girls to the library and the park on Monday afternoon. He made sure I had my phone and that it was charged. Because I rarely have my phone, and when I do, it is mostly not charged.

Anyhoogle, it’s amazing how relaxing the grocery store can be when you’re there by yourself. (Well, unless your husband’s high school crush is there roaming the aisles again and you’re skirting behind the canned goods to avoid making totally polite conversation NOT THAT THIS EVER HAPPENED.) I took my time picking out produce and reading labels, snail’s-pacing my way up and down each aisle. Last stop was the fish counter, after which I pulled out my phone to let Matt know I was about to checkout, thus minimizing the time the meats had to spoil. I AM BRILLIANT, I thought.

I mean, I was brilliant, until I dialed his number, and instead of RIIINNNNGNNNGGG in my ear, I hear, “We’re sorry. This T-Mobile pre-paid phone does not have enough minutes to complete the call.”

Oh. Well. Hmm.

(The T-Mobile situation isn’t really that relevant to the story, but as a bit of an aside, it wasn’t that I’d used all my minutes. They expire after a year or whatever, and they were set to expire THAT DAY. THAT VERY DAY.)

But! Not that big a deal, right? Because surely he’ll realize I should have called by now and he’ll just come pick me up. And there’s probably a pay phone, if not. I think? Some places still have those. So I went to grab my wallet to see if I had change or if I’d need to get cash back, and …

No. There was no wallet in that purse. Because the wallet was still on the floor of the van where I dropped it on Saturday after the peeing incident.

Now I had no phone, no money, and I was in the middle of a grocery store. Which is like the worst place to have to wither away and die of abandonment, because there is food everywhere THAT I CANNOT PAY FOR.

I fumbled around with the phone, trying to remember the number to call to add minutes. Which of course I could not. So I poked around in the useless stupid thing and still found nothing. I like to imagine I looked like I was having a huge text fight with someone to all passersby. I finally texted the number to get my minute balance, which THANKFULLY white-knighted with the number for minute-adding.

Of course, now I was trying to refill my minutes with no credit card in front of me. I tapped into the Little Grey part of my brain until I found the snapshot of the number. Though I kept entering it in incorrectly from memory. SO I HAD TO WRITE IT DOWN ON A PIECE OF PAPER. Because that is 1. literally the only way I could get the number from my brain into the phone, and 2. the smartest thing you can ever do with a credit card number.

Finally, though, the number was in.

And then I hung up on the call. Because I hit END instead of #. Because I win at cell phones.

(Through all of this I never once considered just going to customer service and asking if I could use the phone. The whole “I don’t have my wallet AND my phone just ran out of minutes today!” thing seemed like such a likely story, you know?)

Finally got some minutes added, and the phone started ringing IMMEDIATELY.

It was Matt calling to (helpfully) let me know my wallet was in the van.


Seriously. Never leaving the house by myself AGAIN.


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Whirlwind weekend

Was this seriously a four day weekend? Really?

It’s not that we didn’t get a lot done. (It’s also not that we got a lot done. We got a somewhat respectable amount of stuff done. Depending on who is measuring. And I am measuring, so I say we did SWIMMINGLY.) It was just over too fast.

ALWAYS over too fast.

I’m not one of those people who craves solitude. Oh, sure — at the end of the day with the fussernutters over here, I’m ready for a little time away from them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I want to be alone. So when I know it’s time for Matt to go back to work, I get that little ball of WAH in the bottom of my belly. I’m just happier when he’s around. (And not even JUST because he changes all the diapers when he’s here. OH YES I STRUCK GOLD WITH THIS ONE.)

I got through the last month or so knowing this glorious four day stretch was just around the corner. Knowing it is now nearly behind me makes me a bit wistful, if I’m being honest.

But! All is not lost. We plan to use the last little bit of time left in this weekend to get some Christmas decorations up. Which is why I have put exactly no thought into this post. AREN’T YOU THE LUCKY ONES?

Gotta run, dudes. It takes effort to kick this much booty.


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There’s no way not to make this cheesy, right? So I don’t think I’ll even bother fighting it. I have about 80000 things to be getting done right now, but what is most important to me is making note of all I have to be thankful for this year.

I am thankful for my children. Last year on this day, I was 38 weeks pregnant with no idea of the personality of the little person in my belly. Didn’t even know she was a SHE. And now she is walking and calls me mama and has been a greater blessing than I ever could have hoped for. Vio has grown more into her childhood, far out of her babyhood, and it shines through in every conversation we have, every song she sings, and every foot stamped down in defiant independence.

I am thankful for my husband. I don’t know how to put this one into words, quite honestly. We don’t have to speak to each other or be doing anything. Just sitting together, watching TV or playing a game, who we are and what we have is right there in the room with us. As Roo grows and sleeps and moves away from me a bit, we’re finally finding the time together that we’ve been missing so much since she was born.

I am thankful for my family. My parents are both healthy. They are happy, together, and in love. They come to see my girls every week. I am thankful my uncle, who suffered from a debilitating stroke about six years ago, has made it through to see another holiday season.

I am thankful for my friends. Friends who hold me up when it’s all I can do not to fall over from the weight of it all; friends who will stay up with me late into the night, making me laugh when I think I can’t. I am thankful for the new friends I have found this past year, through the insanity that is the internet. I’m thankful for all of you who come here, who read my words and leave me kind words in return.

I’d really like to go on, but at the moment, I am thankful to have the chance to take an uninterrupted shower before my guests start arriving.

Happy Thanksgiving, internet.

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Our story (so far)

I know it was just two days ago I told you the story of our first date, but November 18th is the most important date on the calendar for Matt and I. I wasn’t planning to elaborate beyond what I wrote Monday, but there was a comment asking for the rest of the story. So. November 18th. It was the date he first asked me out, the Monday after the Homecoming dance, when we were high school sophomores. It only lasted two months, but I was heartbroken when he ended it. I had it BAD, you guys. And I never got over it.

We spent the next two years as friends — best friends. Each of us dating other people and being INSANELY JEALOUS about it. We did sitcom writers proud, is what I’m saying. (There’s a reason they write romances that span several years and seasons to finally get the people together for good.)

Near the end of high school, and particularly during the summer that followed, things began to heat up a bit. We still weren’t technically together, but it was very clear there was much more there. We went off to separate schools — me to UF in Gainesville, him to Georgia Tech in Atlanta.

And, of course, that point — when it was as complicated as could be — we figured it out.

November 18, 1999. We’ve been discussing the possibility of dating again online (thank goodness for IM, or we NEVER would have worked this out, I’m convinced), but he says he can’t be sure until he SEES ME. Have you ever been faced with that kind of pressure? He comes to UF via GREYHOUND BUS (to get home for Thanksgiving), and my floormates and I go to the station to meet him. We walk the whole way back, making small talk, and pretty much I am experiencing the LEAST PATIENCE IN MY LIFE. Finally, after what feels like a year and a half, we get back to my dorm room, alone. He looks at me and just says yes, he loves me. He loves me.

November 18, 2000. The writers continue on their ploy to make things complicated. It’s been a year of a long distance relationship, and it’s wearing on us. We’re on a break. (NO SERIOUSLY. WE WERE ON A BREAK.) This is one of the darkest times in our relationship, but, yet again, we find our way back over Thanksgiving. He decides to leave Tech and move to Gainesville. It’s the only way it is going to work.

November 18, 2001. He proposes. I’ve never told him this, but I knew it was coming. I got in the shower to get ready for our night out, and there was something in the air. When I get out, he actually doesn’t even wait for me to GET DRESSED. I sit on his bed, wrapped in a towel, and he gets down on one knee. There is a ring … I never expected a ring.

November 18, 2002. We’re in our own apartment, our first place. It’s a little townhouse. We’re planning our wedding for the following June, after I’ve finished undergrad.

November 18, 2003. Married! Matt is finishing up undergrad, and I still don’t have a Real Job. (I work for his uncle’s online based company from home.) I apply to library school and for a job at the local public library as a page.

November 18, 2004. Matt is almost done with graduate school, applying for jobs all over the state. I’m in the second semester of my Master’s, incredibly happy to be working in a library. Of all our years together, 2004 is the one I look back on the most fondly. We’re both so busy with our own lives, but we still eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. We grocery shop together. We fall asleep each night watching Conan. Our time left in Gainesville is short, though. Everything is up in the air and about to change.

November 18, 2005. We are back in our home town. Matt has a good job. I’m in school full time. We’ve had a hard year (our hardest, to follow our best), and I’ve just gotten my wisdom teeth out. Over Thanksgiving (when we make all our decisions, it seems), we put the trials of the year behind us and decide we’re ready to start trying for a family.

November 18, 2006. We’re in our first house. We have 3-month-old Vio. I’m a SAHM. Vio has reflux. She’s not gaining weight. A tough time, to be sure, but Matt holds my hand and keeps me strong throughout.

November 18, 2007. For some reason, this is the one year that is fuzzy. Vio is 15 months old and AMAZING. I’m planning a trip to Seattle with friends — the first solo thing I’ve done, certainly since getting pregnant, possibly in a decade.

November 18, 2008. I am 8 months pregnant. We don’t know if it’s a boy or girl. Vio insists it’s a baby sister. We finally pick out names.

November 18, 2009. Today. It is nearly Roo’s first birthday. The girls are blowing raspberries and laughing. Life is good. Not easy, by any stretch, but we are blessed.

So that is where we started. This is where we ended up. From high school best friends to bumbling college freshmen pining away at separate schools to parents who still can’t find enough time together. Drifting apart, but always finding, fighting, our way back.

Here’s to half a dozen more decades like this one.


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