I am Diane. This is my blog. On the internet. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. (The internet, I mean. Probably not my blog. Although you’re here, so maybe you have heard of it. In any case, you’ve heard of it now.) If you landed here from my Twitter page, you can probably just go back to Twitter. I’m much funnier there than I am here. You can email me. I enjoy getting email that isn’t spam or from my mom. I mean, I love email from my mom, but I expect email from my mom. Surprise email is way more fun. diane dot dashoff at gmail dot com (TAKE THAT, SPAMMERS.)

I’m a stay at home mom, because when I set out to have a blog, I figured I should have some kids. Except I probably did it in the other order. I have three kids. For purposes of blogging, I call them not their names. Some portion of their names, or even perhaps their entire actual names. It’s a mystery. Two girls, Vio (August 2006) and Roo (December 2008), and a boy, Leo (July 2011). I cleverly inserted their birth months instead of ages, thus meaning I don’t have to update this page ever again.