Girl Talk Thursday – STUFF you say?

Hey! Girl Talk Thursday! Remember when that was a thing? That I did? No?

Today Colleen is talking about stuff. Specifically, stuff she collects. Colleen likes stuff.

I … do not like stuff. I am sort of the opposite of a collector. If I end up with a few of something, my instinct is to purge it — if other people see that I have a few of something, they may be inclined to get me more of that something! Then there would be more of that something, and it would be my responsibility, and I sort of have Issues with Stuff.

That being said, I do have my things. My WEAKNESSES, you might say. (Or my normalities, as collecting things is pretty, well, normal.) I have nothing against people who collect things, I just don’t want to have to dust those things. Or any things.

I haven’t dusted properly in five years. Does that mean I collect dust?

My husband is allergic to dust.


Jadite. Oh, glorious jadite. I can justify this one because it is dishes. And dishes are for eating! (Off of. Unless you are Cookie Monster. Or want to break my heart.) So you can’t really ever have too many dishes, because there will always be more people who want to eat. I inherited the jadite from Matt’s grandmother, and I treasure it like it is a PET. Or at least a plant that I actually remember to water. I keep an eye out on Etsy all the time for pieces to add to the collection. I have told my husband that all he ever has to get me from here until forever for gifts is a small piece of jadite here and there. IT IS JUST SO PRETTY.

Postcards. Postcards are the only souvenirs I ever buy on trips. They are flat! They remind me of where I went! If I ever wanted to, I could frame them or hang them up and use them as decoration! I love postcards. If someone I know ever goes on a trip and asks if I want them to bring me back something, POSTCARD is always the answer. Or chocolate. But it’s mostly my thighs that collect the chocolate, and now this is just getting awkward.

Books. Duh. Am librarian. (Though, because of that, I take most of my books out of the library. The only books I buy are the ones I really love and want to reread. I’m a filthy Communist that way.)

Now I sort of want to go to the nearest closet and start throwing things in a donation pile. Which would be why I hoard Cardboard boxes. They make getting rid of things so, so enjoyable. Putting it in trash bags just feels wrong. And disorganized. Just because I want it out of my house doesn’t mean I want it done in a disorderly fashion.

So what do you collect? Or not collect, as the case may be?


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11 responses to “Girl Talk Thursday – STUFF you say?

  1. You always make me laugh girl. My friend V collects postcards too. I LOVE them. 🙂

  2. Ian

    Cardboard boxes! Yes! Lisa thinks I’m crazy, and she gets crazy frustrated over my hoarding of cardboard boxes. And yet every time we move, WE DON’T HAVE ANY BOXES FOR OUR STUFF. Then we end up throwing out last time. You know what we threw out last time we moved? The video of the movie we made for my Mass Media class senior year of high school. Then I saw the girl who played my girlfriend in that movie on Heroes. And True Blood. And Stargate. And I used to have a home movie where she played my girlfriend, but NOT ANYMORE. All through a lack of boxes.

    Uh, sort of took over your comments section there.

    Also hoard: cable cords. Started in college.

  3. gahhhh I hate cardboard! I don’t care how useful it is. HATE. I could never hoard cardboard.

  4. We should get together sometime and throw things away. It’ll be awesome! I hate stuff too. All stuff. Almost. I am extremely, extremely choosy about what stuff I allow in my house. You wouldn’t KNOW that by looking around or anything, because I don’t always PUT AWAY the stuff I have, and also because I used to allow all kinds of stuff into my home all willy nilly, and now I am burdened with that stuff and I can’t just throw it out because I have to make sure it gets reused or recycled or what have you, but I’m now choosy about stuff. I don’t want stuff. Don’t give me stuff.

    Shoes, though, I’ll take. Also clothes.

    And I love postcards! So much!

  5. How could I forget to mention my love {obsession} of postcards in my own post? I have one from England and one from Portugal! Wheee!

  6. ebj123

    I LOVE to get rid of stuff, it’s one of my favorite activities. As soon as I start to feel crowded in my house, I grab a bag and just start getting rid of stuff. Christmas stresses me out! So much more stuff!

    BUT the main point of this comment was to say that I also collect Jadite and I lurrrrve it as well. I have expanded it to a green bowl collection and when I redo my kitchen I am going to design the entire thing around the green bowls. Sigh. Love it.

  7. I am not sure if I knew you were a librarian. So is my sister!

  8. “…if other people see that I have a few of something, they may be inclined to get me more of that something!”

    YES. I made the mistake of mentioning something about Winnie the Pooh being cute when I was 16 – I received so many pooh-related gifts over the next seven years, it was therapy-inducing. I finally had to confess that no, I don’t really LIKE Winnie the Pooh: for the love of Pete, please stop buying me that stuff!

    I’m a big fan of the purge, myself.

    • GET RIGHT OUT!! Are you serious? I asked my mom for the Winnie the Pooh movie when I was 15, and I ended up with a WINNIE THE POOH THEMED 16TH BIRTHDAY PARTY. I cannot believe the same thing happened to you at the same age I JUST CANNOT.

      I still tease my husband for getting me some Winnie the Pooh CD for my birthday that year. I have never let him live it down.

  9. adjunctmom

    Heh. That’s happened to me.

    My grandmother gave me a music box when I was five. I still have it. It still plays. I love it. Somehow that became Beth loves music boxes. You would not believe how many music boxes I have been given over the years. When people are at a loss for what to get me — I get a music box.

    I wish they’d default to chocolate. Seriously.