I blathered, and lo, it was awesome

You guys.


The Blathering was super fun and a half. I have been wanting to write a little recap post since I got back, but I don’t think my words can do it justice. Which isn’t to say it was some spiritual amazing life-changing summitous experience — it was just that regular sort of awesome I don’t allow myself enough of in life. I was afraid I would be the one lamer who didn’t want to go out and have fun late at night, but there were plenty of people who just wanted to chill in the condo and talk about girl-type things. THESE ARE MY PEOPLE, YO.

My biggest fear going into the weekend (aside from having nothing to wear and being terrible at talking to people one-on-one) was that I would meet all these people in real life and it would be WEIRD. But it was not weird at all! I felt like I’d talked to them all one hundred thousand times before. Probably because, uh, I had.

Also, I was really sick. I expected to have vomitous anxiety, but I did NOT expect to have a rabid badger stretching its legs in my sinuses. You guys, I took so much ibuprofen and tylenol and benadryl JUST TO STAY AFLOAT. By Sunday I had no voice. None voice. Not even a glimmer of a hum could be heard.

Did I mention I flew into Detroit so Arwen wouldn’t have to make the 4-hour trip to Chicago alone? And then she ended up having to try to keep the both of us entertained with only one side of a conversation for the whole entire trip back? Thankfully she is AMAZING and has an endless supply of hilarious and incredible stories, or we might have died of the silence in my throat.

Have you ever flown with a sinus infection? In case you’re ever tempted, let me save you the trouble and describe for you what it felt like. With a lot of detail, because that’s important.

It felt like someone was sharpening a pencil in my ear.

The poor chick sitting beside me! She was in the row in front of me, when Sympathy-Inducing-Mother-and-Daughter showed up. Daughter was just seven! Daughter and Mother were in separate rows! Would she please give up her aisle seat to take Mother’s middle seat in the row behind? Because she was nice and really couldn’t say no without looking like a horrible person, she agreed. And got sat between me and another woman with a hacking cold.

I’m so sorry, lady stuck between us on the plane. I hope no one is sharpening pencils in your ears.

Anyway, aside from my newly school supply capable ears, the weekend was really amazing, and I can’t wait to get to see everyone again. In addition to all the people I already knew would be awesome, I met new awesome people I didn’t know about. Hi new people! I will now begin internet stalking you, as is my fashion.

Or, you know, reading your blogs. An appropriate amount.


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5 responses to “I blathered, and lo, it was awesome

  1. It was nice to meet you too! Sorry about your ick cold.

  2. See, this is why you should blog! Because you are awesome and hilarious!

    I’m glad you didn’t think I was weird or annoying on Sunday afternoon. I felt like SUCH a dork telling you stories while you couldn’t say a single word. I *thought* the best thing to do would be to keep quiet, but I guess I’m incapable of doing that for four hours, because words just kept coming out. You were patient, and very kind to keep smiling.

    THANK YOU, by the way, for flying to Detroit and driving with me. I loved meeting you! And having you along on the drive – even voiceless – made it a zillion times better.

    This will definitely not be the last time we get together. Not if I have anything to say about it.


  3. I KNOW. Everyone was so awesome! And no one cared what anyone wore! And we were all so worried. I wish you hadn’t had a sinus infection. I felt so bad for you all weekend!

    I loved meeting you, and you will have to come visit me in Boston so you can get some decent ice cream.

  4. Yeah….she couldn’t really say no could she? Hope you are feeling better. Looking forward to reading more of your awesome blog!

  5. yay for fun! 🙂 Sorry about that pencil in the ear thing though. That sounds… terrible!