Girl Talk Thursday – Retro kitchen stuff and something shiny

This week over at Girl Talk Thursday, Maria has tasked us all with spending $100 in Pretend Internet Monies.

If you’ve spent much time here, you are aware that Pretend Internet Monies are the only kind of monies I’m likely to spend on myself. If I saw any of these items in an actual store, I’d talk myself out of buying them before I got to the register.

Which doesn’t change the fact that I really, really want them right now.

1. Vintage coaster set, Etsy. $9.99. I’ve been all over the place looking for some new coasters to protect our fancy LACK tables from IKEA. The cloth diaper we’re currently using just doesn’t say WIN like I’d prefer. This set is perfect. And I bet it would keep Roo occupied for a good 20 minutes just emptying them and putting them back in the case. (A case! I can TIDY the coasters! This excites me.)

2. Vintage red quilted bib apron, Etsy. $6.50. I have one apron that used to be my grandmother’s, and it’s my absolute favorite thing. The only problem is it’s a half apron, and I am a Messy Marvin. Basically I need a smock.

3. Vintage Pyrex gravy boat, Etsy. $9.50. I could have filled up this whole thing with vintage Pyrex dishes. From back in the day when Pyrex didn’t explode in the oven! So many colors and cute patterns. Love love love.

4. Vic Firth Maple Rolling Pin (French), Amazon. $14. My current rolling pin is of the devil. There is no other explanation. With this and the next item, I might be capable of rolling out tortillas or a pie crust without feeling like I may as well be baking in a van down by the river.

5. World Cuisine Nonstick Pastry Mat, Amazon. $32.64. This one would be the biggest splurge, because I already have a Silpat that I could use for this purpose. But it’s a little small for rolling out more than something small, so I covet.

6. Hand-stamped necklace, Etsy. $28. I would adore this necklace with my girls’ names stamped on the two discs. I’m not all that into jewelry, but this is just simple enough to appeal to me. (Definitely the box chain, though. The ball chain seems a little Teen Rebel to me.)

(Shut it, that’s totally how teens rebel. They wear ball chains and stay up past 10 and chew sugary gum.)

Adding that up, it works out to . . . $100.63. I lose at the Price is Right, but I win at pretty much everything else.

So what would you spend $100 on rightthissecond?


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6 responses to “Girl Talk Thursday – Retro kitchen stuff and something shiny


  2. Ah – I love Etsy and I love the vintage Pyrex, so cool. This Girl Talk Thursday this is awesome!

  3. Those coasters are great! And I totally recognize that Pyrex pattern from my grandmother’s cupboards. 🙂

  4. I dig the apron. If I cooked beyond simply defrosting, I would totally buy that.

  5. TJ

    I basically want to move into Etsy. Like, have it be my home. It’s already decorated.

  6. I lovvvvvvve Etsy. I also love those coasters. And I have to stop myself from buying too much vintage Pyrex, because it is all! so! lovely!