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Dudes. I am not much of a shopper. My wardrobe is … pure mom. Mostly. I never buy pretty clothes because they get destroyed EEmediately. And it’s rare I go somewhere that requires pretty clothes.

But then I get invited somewhere, and I panic — BECAUSE I HAVE NO PRETTY CLOTHES.

So I sort of forced myself. To look at pretty clothes on the internet. Because that’s apparently a hard thing to do. This is what I came up with:

1. Window Shopping Tee, by Fossil; 2. Clean Bermuda Short, American Eagle; 3. Flutter Sleeve Top, Gap; 4. Floral Linen Blend Whirly Skirt, Old Navy; 5. Plaid Split-Neck Top, Old Navy; 6. Daisy Floral Short Sleeve Shirt, by Tommy Hilfiger; 7. Glam in Bloom Sandals, by Kenneth Cole Reaction; 8. Beda Dress, Anthropologie.

Now I want to buy all of these things. The pretty!

So how about you? What’s your ideal spring/summer wardrobe?


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5 responses to “Girl Talk Thursday – Fashionista

  1. You would be absolutely adorable in any of that.

  2. The dress. THE DRESS. I want it! And I love the little white flutter sleeve top. I mean, I love it all, but those pieces in particular really float my boat.

  3. Oooohh very pretty! Especially love the shoes!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Diane! I didn’t even bother writing for the GTT about fashion, because like you, I never go anywhere that necessitates fashion. I live in an incredibly casual city (I love you, Denver!) and work for an incredibly casual company, especially for an attorney. You can’t go wrong with Anthropologie, though–I love that store!

  5. Nice clothes! My ideal wardrobe is about 4 sizes smaller than my current wardrobe. 🙂