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Girl Talk Thursday – Fashionista

Dudes. I am not much of a shopper. My wardrobe is … pure mom. Mostly. I never buy pretty clothes because they get destroyed EEmediately. And it’s rare I go somewhere that requires pretty clothes.

But then I get invited somewhere, and I panic — BECAUSE I HAVE NO PRETTY CLOTHES.

So I sort of forced myself. To look at pretty clothes on the internet. Because that’s apparently a hard thing to do. This is what I came up with:

1. Window Shopping Tee, by Fossil; 2. Clean Bermuda Short, American Eagle; 3. Flutter Sleeve Top, Gap; 4. Floral Linen Blend Whirly Skirt, Old Navy; 5. Plaid Split-Neck Top, Old Navy; 6. Daisy Floral Short Sleeve Shirt, by Tommy Hilfiger; 7. Glam in Bloom Sandals, by Kenneth Cole Reaction; 8. Beda Dress, Anthropologie.

Now I want to buy all of these things. The pretty!

So how about you? What’s your ideal spring/summer wardrobe?


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A good problem to have

(I would like to preface this by stating that half the reason I never blog anything is because I spend my entire day with iChat sitting open on the laptop. I go about my day, coming back to it now and then, and it tends to be where I start rambling about the thoughts I have. Basically, my iChat companions are stealing all my bloggable ideas, selfishly, and using them as conversations for their own entertainment. Since closing iChat isn’t a feasible option, I’m afraid I’ll just have to have them killed.)

(Just kidding. I’ll have their fingers hobbled. I have a SOUL, you know.)

I have finally — FINALLY — started reading again. It started when I joined the Book Lushes online book club … and then proceeded to read NONE of the books up for discussion. I wanted to! But book clubs make it feel like SCHOOL or something. Or I’m a crazy person, I don’t know. But having a book I was SUPPOSED to read made me pick a book I wasn’t supposed to read. Because I’m a rebel. (Seriously, though. I know I’ve been a slacker about it, but go join up! They are all awesome and I love them and hopefully when I stop being a complete ass I’ll get back over there and participate. For realsies.)

Oh, you guys. I missed this. I missed caring about characters and being lost in my head hearing nothing but my own voice. Curled up on the couch with a blanket and the dull sounds of the fan blowing (yay warm weather! Remind me of this in a week when “spring” is over and it’s 98 degrees.)

I started out a little fluffy with Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games and its sequel Catching Fire. The YA-ness of the book definitely showed in the writing (the main character was constantly ALLTHETIME asking herself questions in her head) but it was the dystopian world-building that drew me in.

I am a SUCKER for dystopian literature. I really don’t even know why or when that happened. Maybe reading Lois Lowry’s The Giver started it, but I don’t know for certain. (It may have a bit to do with me fancying myself a Pangloss.) It fascinates me. So now I’m on something of a mission.

The obvious place to start was with Fahrenheit 451. I can’t even tell you how I went 28 years without having read that book, but it was patiently sitting on my bookshelf, having been loaned to me by my younger brother some YEARS AGO, after he read it for his English class.

YOU GUYS THIS BOOK. Obviously I don’t need to say anything, because YOU have already read this. Everyone has already read this. It’s like this big secret everyone had but nobody told me! I spent the entire book caught up in Bradbury’s voice, admiring the writing without much caring where the story was going or would end up. And isn’t that the most enchanting way to spend a book? The last dozen or so pages, when the Meaning and the Message and the Reason for it all were finally delivered — I wasn’t expecting that. I didn’t expect to be so moved. I’m fairly certain this will remain one of my favorite books, and that’s all due to 500 words somewhere near the end.

And now I’m sitting here, having finished this last night, with Brave New World sitting beside me, not yet wanting to start it. I want to let Fahrenheit 451 bounce around in my noggin a bit longer until it finds a place to settle in. But I’m also afraid if I give it a day, it will turn into two or three or a week and then BAM it’s 2012 and I haven’t read anything in forever. (Usually, to avoid this, I will alternate Thinky books with Fluffy books. But I don’t have a Fluffy book! I want to read more Thinky!)

These are my problems, people. (Note: I am fully aware that everyone else is likely seeing my problems on a completely different list than the one I am making here. FAIR ENOUGH. Also, raspberry.)


(Over in the side bar, you may have noticed the March for Babies widget. I’m walking with my local Friends of Maddie team. If you don’t know Maddie Spohr’s story, you can find it here. If you are looking for a cause to donate your time or money to, I highly recommend the March of Dimes. If you are interested in walking in Maddie’s memory, you can find a list of teams here. If you’d like to donate, you can click through the side bar, or visit here. Thank you!)


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Girl Talk Thursday – ‘Cause we all just wanna be big pop stars

First off — the earworm? You are SO WELCOME. It’s been in my head all morning.

If I were a pop star, you probably wouldn’t have heard of me. Not because I’d be all INDIE and MUSIC SNOBBY and NE’ER A SELLOUT, but because I wouldn’t want anyone to have heard of me. So maybe not so much a pop star as a pop … black hole? Like, probably I exist, but science can’t really prove it yet.

I’d just be singing stuff, all Glee-style, rocking it out on YouTube. Hairbrush microphone and puppet backup singers.

It’s the stuff big dreams are made of, folks. It’s not like just ANYONE can go on YouTube like that.

Here are some reasons, in case they aren’t blatantly obvious, why I’d make the WORST pop star ever:

  • I cannot walk in high-heeled shoes. No, I cannot. I’m serious. I REALLY can’t. Not even those shoes. You know, the ones that are so easy ANYONE can walk in them. Uh-uh. So I’m a pop star in flip flops.
  • I always wear underpants. How the hell am I going to land on any trashy gossip sites if I’m always wearing underpants?
  • I refuse to thwart the rules of grammar to make fetching song titles. I would have called the song “Skater Boy”. EDGY.
  • I don’t have a cool middle name I can pretend is my last name, thus making me sound all whatever the point of doing that is. It’s Patricia, folks. Is there a LESS pop star name out there than PATRICIA?

So, as you can see, a pop star I am no–

Hold on.

I could be (wait for it …)


Nevermind, dudes. I got this. I’ll see you on the TUBES.


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