Two scoops, one cone

I was just sitting here, flipping through the weekly newspaper circular, cutting out coupons, and continuing to pretend I don’t have a blog, when — and I apologize for this being the first thing I post about after over a week’s break, ESPECIALLY considering I didn’t do a birthday post for Roo who turned one on Saturday, but, you guys, seriously —

Were they trying to be dirty?

Do I even need to point out how many things are so so very WRONG about this?

I can find at least 5 … who can beat it?

(And that makes 6.)


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8 responses to “Two scoops, one cone

  1. I’d deep throat that bitch.

  2. Nope, I think you managed to get every dirty reference and THEN some. LOL.

  3. Came to comment on how much I love this, then I read Tatiana’s comments, then I looked at her avatar. Oh my.

    Also, I think we would all appreciate some explicit pointing out of all the things wrong with this. AND THEN you need to find other ads and do the same thing. Or…wait…I’m going now.

  4. Completely randomly, I came across this ad today.

    At least your ad had the decency to be a LITTLE BIT subtle.