Whirlwind weekend

Was this seriously a four day weekend? Really?

It’s not that we didn’t get a lot done. (It’s also not that we got a lot done. We got a somewhat respectable amount of stuff done. Depending on who is measuring. And I am measuring, so I say we did SWIMMINGLY.) It was just over too fast.

ALWAYS over too fast.

I’m not one of those people who craves solitude. Oh, sure — at the end of the day with the fussernutters over here, I’m ready for a little time away from them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I want to be alone. So when I know it’s time for Matt to go back to work, I get that little ball of WAH in the bottom of my belly. I’m just happier when he’s around. (And not even JUST because he changes all the diapers when he’s here. OH YES I STRUCK GOLD WITH THIS ONE.)

I got through the last month or so knowing this glorious four day stretch was just around the corner. Knowing it is now nearly behind me makes me a bit wistful, if I’m being honest.

But! All is not lost. We plan to use the last little bit of time left in this weekend to get some Christmas decorations up. Which is why I have put exactly no thought into this post. AREN’T YOU THE LUCKY ONES?

Gotta run, dudes. It takes effort to kick this much booty.


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4 responses to “Whirlwind weekend

  1. Ian

    Hahahahaha fussernutters. I am so stealing that.

  2. Jaded Perspective

    OMG cutest family ever.

  3. You guys are a gloriously gorgeous family!

    I feel the same way about TMD leaving, for many reasons. I have more fun when she’s here, I have half the work when she’s here, we are a complete family when she is here. (She does all the night feeds. I, too, have struck gold.)

  4. Jen

    Laughing over your last few posts, I scroll down and spot my first actual view of what you look like! Look at your gorgeous family! And you are lovely and hide far too much, if you ask me. Put that beautiful face out there a bit more, please!! Anyhoo…random and fawning, but there you are. ; ) Hope you had a Merry Christmas!