7 Quick Takes – Black Friday

1. Thanksgiving was an unmitigated success! Except for the part where my oven coil burnt out. Well, sort of blew up? Popped? There was a bang, a white flash of light, and then a small, warm puddle formed at my feet. This was fortunately after the turkey had come out of the oven, but before I was to put all of the side dishes in to warm while the turkey rested and I made the gravy. Which means I then had to send stuffing, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, (thankfully pre-made and frozen) biscuits, and squash through the microwave to be reheated — separately. That took a BIT LONGER than planned, but it still tasted good in the end.

2. I did it! I attempted a new pie crust! I went with … the one on the Crisco can. I know. But I took Melissa’s advice and made sure the shortening was really cold before cutting it into the flour. It really worked! Best pie crust I’ve ever made, and it was fairly easy to work with. Yippee!

3. We had great success with Black Friday shopping this morning. This is the one day a year it comes in handy that our children wake with the sun. We’re not nutty enough to go wait in line for things, but we snagged some good deals and knocked off much of Vio’s Christmas list.

4. Notice I said much of VIO’s Christmas list there, and not Roo’s. I’m having a freakishly difficult time with her Christmas shopping. This is somewhat exacerbated by her 1st birthday being (gulp) eight days from now. I’m a little bit in denial about that. I have no idea what to get her for gifts — we got most of the standard one-year-old staples (nesting cups, shapes sorter, etc.) when Vio turned one. Any suggestions?

5. The best part of hosting Thanksgiving is you get all the leftovers. Stuffing should be a food group.

6. Also pie. Pie should be a food group. Apples and pumpkins are totally good for you, so this probably shouldn’t even count as dessert. A rich breakfast, at worst.

7. I’m SO RELIEVED NaBloPoMo is almost done. I have really run out of ideas here! It’s been a lot of fun (and definitely a challenge) to come up with something more than a 100-word cop out post each day (although one or two of those DID slip through WHOOPS.) I’m beginning to feel a bit like a house guest well past her third day. My words are like fishes. (See? Let’s, uh, stop there.)


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3 responses to “7 Quick Takes – Black Friday

  1. Ian

    There was a bang, a white flash of light, and then a small, warm puddle formed at my feet.

    I’m guessing you’re not saying you lost bladder control from fright, but that’s so how I’m reading it.