This is not nearly as funny as yesterday’s post, mostly because it just makes me want to CRY

After three straight years of living in this house and me complaining about our ratty, shallow sink, we finally decided to replace it. We bought a shiny new enameled cast iron 9.5″ deep sink a couple of months ago, and then weekend after weekend there was a reason it couldn’t be put in. My parents were out of town, house guests were visiting, someone had the plague.

We are really good at excuses.

I took some before pictures hoping to capture the nasty that was this sink, but my point-and-shoot abilities didn’t really do it justice. I think we CAN agree on one thing, though:

Sink Disaster1

Just very shallow, and very MEH, and very caked with Florida’s specialty: HARD WATER DEPOSITS. No amount of vinegar could get rid of it. And the sprayer never actually worked.

So we yoinked it out:

Sink Disaster4

And Matt and my dad set about the task of redoing all the plumbing underneath to accommodate a much deeper sink.

Meanwhile, my mom and I kept the girls entertained:

Sink Disaster5

And, fine. Maybe we kept ME entertained too:

Sink Disaster8

I swear to you, Roo got that almost empty bottle of seltzer out of the fridge HERSELF.

They set in the sink and I about CRIED tears of joy at the simple beauty of it.

Sink Disaster9

It was perfect! Everything was going to be OK! Finally, one project was going to go just as pla–


Suddenly there were HUSHED TONES coming from the kitchen. And no one wanted to look at me. Or answer my “WHAT? WHAT IS IT?” questions. (I totally wasn’t freaking out or ANYTHING, can’t imagine why they didn’t want to tell me what was up.)

(Ho hum.)

The drain is set too high in the wall.

In other words, we need the water magically to flow along the arrow:

Sink Disaster 11


Which … HA!


Not much to be done beyond hoping the dishwasher draining doesn’t back up into the sink. If it’s horrible, we can always (HOLD ME) cut into the wall and try to set the drain lower.

Meanwhile, if anyone knows any good ways to defy physics, I’m all ears.


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4 responses to “This is not nearly as funny as yesterday’s post, mostly because it just makes me want to CRY

  1. Lady!

    It’s all about the U-Bends!

    Like, that’s how they get toilets and taps to work, right? With the u-bends and stuff?

    Just tell Matt (lawl)(I’m lawling at the fact that Matt is my name)(which you already know)(I’m weird)(shoot me) to go down to your local plumbing shop to get a few U-bends and tell him to install them in U-shaped formation. Once that’s done, everything’ll work like MAGIC!

    Oh, and can’t you buy those, like, flexible tube pipe thingies? That are all translucent and stuff? I mean, they might help you defy physics.

    And whilst I’m no awesome physicist, this might help.

  2. Joby

    Just keep a tank of compressed air on hand, and whenever you use your sink, blast remaining water (and other yum) out of the enormous trap. You should be fine until your pipes shatter from the pressure.

    Or you could leave it alone, and *totally* be protected from outflows of deadly sewer gases by the 4 ft of festering standing water in your sink pipes.