7 Quick Takes – Posting OVERLOAD

1. I have written a LOT of posts this week. Turns out when it’s my turn to host at Girl Talk Thursday, that ups the challenge of NaBloPoMo to quite an extent! Three extra posts over there this week have caused me to neglect my sweet little blog just terribly. I do apologize for the honorable mentions post from yesterday, but my brain couldn’t get past “mmmm … pretty fictional characters”. Pretty much I needed Google Images to get in there and do the work for me.

2. (While we’re talking about Girl Talk Thursday, you should head over there today, because Matt is hosting Dude Response Friday! And since I had to twist his arm clean off his body and beat him about the head and (bloody) shoulder (stump) with it to get him to participate, it would be highly appreciated if you’d jump over there and tell him how awesome his taste is.)

(Yup. That ENTIRE take was a parenthetical aside to its predecessor. I’m soaring to new highs!)

3. Thank you guys for all the comments on the Confabulation post. It was weighing on my mind quite a bit Saturday morning, and getting it all out sort of helped me let it go. I have spent this week appreciating all the things that Roo can do at this age that I’m quite positive Vio could not. Erin’s comment helped especially, as she explained that Roo has something Vio didn’t have — a big sister to learn things from. Every day, I see her mimicking Vio’s behaviors, trying to do all the things she can do, and it puts me at ease.

4. I mentioned on Twitter that I was having trouble getting Roo to eat much of anything that wasn’t bread. I have SORT OF solved this in a totally genius manner. I mean, seriously you guys, I should write a book on this or something. Want to know what I did?

I gave the kid a fork.


See, Vio wanted nothing to do with a fork until she was … well, I have no idea. But it was way WAY older than 11 months, possibly by double. It just hadn’t occurred to me that when Roo was fussing in her seat at the table, it was because she wanted a fork JUST LIKE US. If I stab the food for her, she can direct those little blunt tines right into her milkhole. (What? She’s a BABY. She does not eat PIE.)

So now she’ll eat her diced pears and consider the roasted zucchini. It’s a start!

5. I did settle down to read a book earlier this week. For the whole rest of that nap time, in fact. I got about 30 pages into Slaughterhouse-Five before the girls woke up … and I haven’t had a chance to pick it back up since. But. IT WILL COME, precious. I will find that time to read again.

6. If you follow me on Twitter, you are aware of my MILD freak out over Jon Stewart’s comments here. As someone with a similar MASTER’S DEGREE, I was justifiably incensed over the blatant ignorance therein. There is a whole post in my head rattling off common misconceptions about librarians and what they do, which will be saved for another day. When I’m decidedly less bitey about the whole thing.

7. Even though they don’t read my blog or know about my blog, I still want to publicly congratulate my parents on their 29 year wedding anniversary. They have stuck it out through some insanely tough times — deaths in the family, multiple layoffs, major illness — and just emerge stronger and stronger every time. They are what I can only hope Matt and I will still be 23 years from now.

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3 responses to “7 Quick Takes – Posting OVERLOAD

  1. I’m so honored to get my own parenthesized addition here. (And number TWO even!)

    Now, about those comments. This bloody stump isn’t going to heal itself…

  2. I hear you on the overload- I do the same with Aiming Low- it’s like I only have so much in my head.

    Congrats to your parents!

    Thanks for the cheesey comment- I needed my fill of dairy.

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