Girl Talk Thursday – Fictional Five (Honorable mentions edition)

Look. I know I hosted the ORIGINAL post over at Girl Talk Thursday, but I’m doing NaBloPoMo here. I need something. And now I’ve got boys (and girls) on the brain. When I was compiling my Fictional Five list (the list of five fictional characters I’d love to woo and have for my own) there were SEVERAL who got left off. Five is a small number. My imagination? Way bigger than five. So! Honorable mentions post it is.

Cooper, Private Practice


I love this man. Paul Adelstein was a runner up for my original List of Five, but it’s really COOPER who does it for me. He’s a sex-crazed pediatrician! What a juxtaposition. AND he fought for Charlotte repeatedly, even though she kept pushing him away. *pupils turn to hearts*

Mark, Rent


I know Anthony Rapp is gay, but Mark is NOT. Ha! It’s impossible not to feel for him. He’s lost his girlfriend to another woman, watching his best friends struggle against an incurable illness, just trying to make his movies. He’s got a heart of gold and could sing me Yakko Warner’s “Countries of the World” song ALL THE LIVELONG DAY and never would I tire of it.

Inara, Firefly/Serenity


Is there a more beautiful woman? Like, in the universe? I’m pretty sure there’s not. And she’s a companion. You know she’s rockin’ some skills.



He just can’t catch a break. I doubt it’s easy living in Ferris Bueller’s shadow. The part in the movie where he and Sloane are walking hand-in-hand during the parade? I always ACHED for them to run off together.

Logan (and, what the heck, Veronica too)


The reformed bad boy gone good gone bad again but then maybe still good? Could not get enough of this guy. And Veronica is so incredibly bad ass. I MISS THIS SHOW.

There’s a lot to be said for a dude who marches into battle because it’s the right thing to do, even though he knows he’s faced with certain death. And if he does it in just his knickers, well — ALL THE BETTER FOR ME.

So. Now that I’ve wasted all your time with the people who are NOT on my Fictional Five, head over to Girl Talk Thursday to see who made the cut, and leave a linky to your list too! (Come on, if you’re doing NaBloPoMo — FREE POST IDEA.)



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5 responses to “Girl Talk Thursday – Fictional Five (Honorable mentions edition)

  1. Oh my god Logan, yes. When he cried? INAPPROPRIATE TURN ON. I loved him. So hard.

    Also, Anthony Rapp is fantastic. I had mad love for Mark when I was in high school even though I’m still not super sure Mark is really heterosexual.

  2. ooooh Cameron & Leonidas, how could I forget them. Cameron is so adorable! and Leonidas…well, I don’t think I should post those kind of thoughts here 😉

  3. heh heh… you said knickers.

  4. Niiiiiiiiice. Leonidas almost made it to my list as well, as did Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly…So many great fictional guys, so little time!

  5. I think I’d want Inara’s clothing. Just saaayin’