Birthday girl

I am sad today, but today is not a day for sadness.

Today is Maddie Spohr’s 2nd birthday.

Today is a day to love too hard and too fast. A day to snuggle our puppies and eat too many cream puffs. Today is a day to squeeze our mothers and our daughters. A day to paint our nails purple and play the piano.

Today is a day to celebrate that light that continues to shine so brightly over all of us.

Happy birthday, Madeline Alice. You are in our hearts forever.


Please go visit Heather and Mike today and leave them some love. I also encourage all of you to become Friends of Maddie via the button in the right sidebar.


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3 responses to “Birthday girl

  1. We had lots of love and hugs today. For Maddie. For Vets. For lives lived and lost. For love.

    Wonderful post and reminder.

  2. leighish29

    Beautiful post. Well said. I believe we should all celebrate Maddie today (and every day) and not be lost in sadness.