Tramp is my favorite part of the whole thing

We are pretty big fans of Glee around here, and when I say “we”, I mean ALL OF US. (Well, the jury is still out on Roo, I suppose, but her dance moves to Matthew Morrison’s “Gold Digger” are FIERCE.) I’m not sure if any of us is as enamored with the musical numbers as Vio, who spent the entire summer requesting and singing along with the video clip of “Don’t Stop Believin'” from the pilot.

None of the solos or duets I showed her impressed her much, but when I played the ensemble performance of “Somebody to Love”? She instantly fell in love with it, shunning “Don’t Stop Believin'” in favor of “The Blue One”. (If you don’t watch the show, they are all wearing blue during the performance. Vio is nothing if not LITERAL as all get out.)

Her favorite part is Mercedes’s big solo at the end, and that became very evident to me when THIS would happen each time I’d queue up the song in iTunes:

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5 responses to “Tramp is my favorite part of the whole thing

  1. even the dog sings along!! Love it. 🙂

  2. How freaking adorable is she?!? I luff her. ❤

  3. Matt

    That’s my little girl.

    Can’t wait ’til her and Roo are singing together and putting on skits. Only a matter of time…

  4. HILARIOUS. Oh how I would love to get her and Asher together to play. We could just roll around on the floor and LAUGH at them.

  5. She is SUPER cute. I wish you were closer so we could do play dates! 🙂

    I’m just catching up on Glee, it conflicts with one of my husband’s shows, so I gave it up, but ONLY because I can watch the full episodes online…