How to do Halloween when trick-or-treating might kill you (or random passersby)

When Saturday and all its croupy disgustingness arrived, it quickly became clear we were not going to spend the evening making silly hot dogs and stuffing treat bags at my mom’s house as planned. We were going to be stuck in our house, porch light off, curtains drawn, lest any trick-or-treaters get more than they bargained for knocking at our door.

Fortunately, Friday night, before things took a turn for the ZOMG, we carved our pumpkin. I wish the pictures could do it justice. Basically, it looked like the backside of a very rotund person ambling about Wal*Mart on a motorized cart.

You’re welcome.

Let’s cleanse our minds now, shall we?

Halloween 09 - 3

Less gross than a typical Wal*Mart customer.

Halloween 09 - 4

It looks just like me! If I were a character in a creepy Wizard of Oz sequel!

So Saturday night, I sent Matt and Roo off to the store to buy silly hot dog fixings and a bag of candy, because I was DETERMINED we were still going to be festive. At the last minute, I remembered they have trick-or-treating at Publix, so I threw on Roo’s costume.

Halloween 09 - 6

This candy is for ME, yes?

We made the silly hot dogs that Vio had INSISTED on, and when it was time to eat, she made me tear off the bread because she didn’t actually want to eat that part. Just the hot dog. Of course.

Halloween 09 - 7

Don’t worry, I always eat their heads first. I’m not totally heartless.

After dinner, I got Vio all dolled up in her Belle costume. I told her the pumpkin had candy for her, and her dad was going to hide it around the house.

Halloween 09 - 8

I am suspicious of your shenanigans, but will play along for the candy.

That’s right, folks. We did Halloween EASTER STYLE.

Halloween 09 - 10

The blanket is our idea of baby-proofing.

Halloween 09 - 11

Mother? That looks suspiciously like my candy. I suggest we end this now, before things get ugly.


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4 responses to “How to do Halloween when trick-or-treating might kill you (or random passersby)

  1. Ian

    I think this was a great thing for you to do, so you could still give Vio a Hallowe’en. She and I would get on well together–I would totally have gobbled up her discarded crescent rolls.

    And I LOVE that her Belle doll has its own Belle doll.

    • Yes. That is Vio wearing a Belle dress THAT HAS BELLE ON IT, holding Belle, who is holding Baby Belle.

      We are nothing if not full on META around here.

  2. Matt

    Thank you for making the pumpkin appear to be almost respectable, when it was, in fact, not.

    That was the best pumpkin I could find at THREE different places (Protip: Don’t buy your pumpkin two days before Halloween).

    Also, our girls are really cute. That is all.

  3. So cute! Seeing Vio holding that Belle doll is a lot like looking at those Russian dolls that have tiny little dolls imprisoned within each layer.