NaBloPoMo: Kicking things off

Am I crazy?

Maybe a little bit.

I started this blog at the end of June, and (not counting this one) I have published 42 posts. By the end of this month, I’m looking for that number to increase by THIRTY.


I was more optimistic before the crud invaded my home. (Can’t talk too much about that now, though! Gotta save something for later.)

I may be eschewing quality in favor of quantity, is what I’m saying.

The truth is, I need to get in the habit of writing. Every day. There are so many memories I’m letting slip through my fingers. So many thoughts I have as I lie awake in bed that I want to put down somewhere. This is the place, but I’ve not been making the time.

I make excuses every single day for my lack of posting. I have a lot going on that ends up being decidedly NOT bloggable. But probably I need to realize there is plenty happening that is, and HA HA, how about I focus on that for 15 minutes?

I have some ideas for how to get through this month. Topic ideas spinning around. (No obnoxious meme will go unplayed!) I can say with nearly 25% certainty that you will be almost adequately entertained.

One of these ideas assumes you guys are nosy. Or don’t mind playing nosy on the internet.

Ask me some questions! Silly questions, personal questions, questions about nothing at all.

If life is so fair, why do roses have thorns? (Name that video!)

Now. I don’t want you to think I plan to spend this entire month telling you ALL ABOUT ME, but I have to start with something. Give me some ideas to fill in the spaces. Anything you want me to write about? Mom things, non-mom things, a post in cryptogram code?

I’m looking forward to November. I have a lot of good company on this little mini-journey. (Shut it. This totally counts as a journey. I don’t get out much. Ever. Often. Sigh.) I expect them to keep me honest and motivated.

So! Questions! Topic suggestions! Anything.

You don’t want to make me beg, do you?



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10 responses to “NaBloPoMo: Kicking things off

  1. You know I like it when you beg me.

  2. Ian

    Ooh, a challenge. I shall have to think of some bloggable questions for you, and then I shall be back.

    Awesome idea, btw. Soliciting questions. I might well steal it.

    • Still waiting … :p

      • Ian

        I’d like to hear about how you ended up with Matt. I know you were friends for a long time first, but I don’t know how that changed.

        Also, as a fellow book lover, I’d like to know what you look for when you’re browsing books.

        What places would you like to see before you die?

  3. Jeff

    Why you like the Red Sox so much

  4. Dude! I so didn’t know that nablopomo existed! Totally joining in.

    My question to ye is… if you could have any super power — any super power at all — what would it be? And WHY? I want a detailed answer here.