7 Quick Takes – Extra quick! Before the kids wake up!

1. I am a de-cluttering MASTER, you guys. This week, I have torn through every room of the house with one mission: Throw. Crap. Away. I have been wallowing in this house for three years. This house I don’t really love. This house that has never felt like HOME, for some reason. I finally snapped out of it and realized that maybe it could feel like home if I just gave it a chance. That maybe I could enjoy my hours trapped spent in here if things were orderly and less like the after effects of tornadic activity.

2. Part of The Plan, as I am now thinking of it, involves a few home improvements. Married/partnered/roommated homeowners out there may have some idea of where I’m going with this. Home improvements CAN BE THE END OF EVERYTHING. There is just no arguing like the arguing that takes place when putting together a crazy IKEA desk or painting a room. I’m a crazed perfectionist so it is the END OF THE WORLD when the molding on the bookcase trim isn’t perfectly centered or there is a single drip of yellow paint on the white baseboards. And, just … don’t send me into a room with crooked picture frames hung on the walls. We visited my husband’s grandmother last weekend, and I think I need some heavy meds before I can set foot in there again. Dozens of frames, off balance at different angles. Makes my head get all bendy just THINKING ABOUT IT.

3. On the kiddie front, Roo seems to be sick, but I have no idea what it is. She had a fever last night, appears to be in some discomfort today, but nothing seems wrong. No teeth bumps that I can discern. I’m just keeping an eye on her and snuggling her extra, and hoping I get back my giggle baby soon. And maybe a bit more sleep, as the last several nights have left Matt and I in the morning asking each other, “Uh. Do you remember how much we were up last night?” (We get a little confused on minimal sleep. Some day I’ll have to tell you the story of Matt trying to figuring out Vio’s IP address while in a sleepless stupor.)

4. Vio is now in underwear 24/7. I decided last weekend that we’d go diaper free overnight just to see what happened. It’s been a full week with no accidents, though now that I’ve told the internet, I’ll be mopping up pee at 2AM for certain. Though, according to #3, I WILL ALREADY BE AWAKE, SO NO MATTER.

5. Fall TV coming back has me more excited than usual this year. Grey’s last night totally broke my heart (George was my most favorite, from the first episode, through the ridiculous marriage to Callie, the half-assed affair with Izzie, and the full season in which they only let him speak four times.) Glee takes me to my happy place. I seriously haven’t been this excited about a show since Veronica Mars (which is something else that CONTINUES TO BREAK MY HEART.) Also on the docket: Dollhouse, The Office, CSI (THE ORIGINAL ONLY YEEEEOOOOAAAAHHHH), and Private Practice. (I am RIVETED by the cliffhanger on that one. Cooper almost opened the door! Gah!)

6. Hanging up our clothes to dry instead of using the dryer seems to be cutting roughly $20/month off our power bill. This makes me do a tiny dance of joy. (Also, hanging clothes on the drying rack pleases me. There is a symmetry to it that I find soothing.) (Shut it.)

7. Reading this list back over, the thought has just occurred to me that a lot more INTERESTING things happened this week than the six I have spastically highlighted here. This tells me I need to be writing more as things happen, but the day always gets away from me. Ooh, I’ll sit down to write as soon as x, y, and z are taken care of. Except, in the process of x, I discover an a, b, and a c, never get around to y, and z turns into SLEEP. Also, this post just became the weirdest word problem EVER.



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2 responses to “7 Quick Takes – Extra quick! Before the kids wake up!

  1. Oh my gosh. Just the words “Veronica Mars” kind of makes me want to cry. The only thing sadder than that third season is that the show was canceled altogether. Sob. IT NEVER GOT A CHANCE TO REDEEM ITSELF! WAAAAAAAH!

    Glee, on the other hand. SO awesome. That scene in this week’s episode where the football players dance is definitely on my list of top TV scenes of all time. I have rewatched it on YouTube multiple (I’d rather not admit how many) times today.

  2. I’m with both you and Arwen on Veronica Mars. *heart-broken sigh*

    Glee made me cry. Grey’s made me S.O.B. I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch without George (especially considering — and I hate to say this, as a (former) die-hard Grey’s fan — that it hasn’t been up to snuff for awhile).

    Hello. My name is Chibi and I love TV. Heh.