Girl Talk Thursday – Mah britches!

When I set up this blog a few months ago, I expected I would do some oversharing. That’s the nature of blogging, I think. We reveal a lot of ourselves, intentionally or not, and we are BOUND to overshare from time to time. That being said, I don’t think I ever imagined I’d be showing the internet the inside of my underwear drawer.

My underwear. Ugh. I need new underwear. I have about 10 pairs I really like. The rest is sort of … there. To fill in the gaps and keep me covered when the laundry really needs doing. Almost everything I love comes from the Victoria’s Secret PINK collection. To say I love this collection is a huge understatement. Such pretty colors! Inexpensive! Comfortable! Sexy options! SOLD.

I’ve never been one for thongs. I’ve had a few over the years that are comfortable, but for the most part, they fit me wrong and drive me nuts. Also, they don’t seem to serve the purpose underwear is supposed to serve. (Especially when you wear jeans. AMIRIGHT or AMIRIGHT?) I used to buy all low cut bikini underpants, but over the last few years, my most favorite type of underwear has emerged: boy cut.

You. Guys. I love some boy cut underwear. Low cut, wide on the hips, high in the back. This style of underwear is, I think, the most flattering on my particular figure, and it is ALL I EVER WANT TO WEAR AGAIN. I’m sure my husband is thrilled.

Another thing … I don’t fold my underwear. It gets taken out of the laundry, hung on the line, and thrown in the drawer. I can’t be bothered to fold up these dainty (ha! ha ha!) little pieces of fabric neatly. Who has time for that? WHO? But it’s not that bad, is it?

GTT undies2 CAP

I don’t even want to talk about bras. I’m in nursing bra HELL at the moment. Stores don’t carry my size. Stores … never carry my size. I usually have to buy something with a band size that’s too large in order to get something with the right size cup. It’s depressing. When I wear non-mom bras, they are usually the formed demi-cups style. I like a little padding. Feel positively NAKED without it, in fact.

(I was also planning to discuss, in detail, my hatred of the term “panties”. It is a DISGUSTING word. I feel creepy referring to my underwear with that term, because it sounds like something you’d call a little girl’s underpants, but I feel gross calling Vio’s underwear that, because it seems to be the go-to “sexy” term for a grown woman’s underwear. I’m so glad most of the rest of the GTT participants have my back on this one. DOWN WITH PANTIES!)

(Uh. On second thought, I’ll rethink our battle cry.)

Now, I shall leave you with one of my favorite pairs of underpants: My Christmas undies!

GTT undies3 CAP

And now I dare each of you to take a picture of your underwear drawer. Overshare! All the cool kids are I’m doing it!


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13 responses to “Girl Talk Thursday – Mah britches!

  1. LOL! I’m glad to know I’m know the only one who doesn’t fold the undies. What’s the point?

    • I used to have all of one cut, so I’d stack them neatly. That … does not happen anymore, as you can see. It’s not like it matters if they get wrinkled. (I also don’t match my socks. They get thrown in willy nilly too!)

  2. Oh, I plan for one step further.

    *AHEM*. NSFW, when I finally get it up.

  3. Love the Santa underpants. I don’t fold either, but mating the socks are a must. I’m going to check out the Pink collection now. 🙂

  4. I’m impressed. I would never be able to post a picture of my underwear drawer. It’s not exactly fit for public viewing. But then, neither is the underwear inside of it.

    I love the battle cry. Men worldwide will be lining up to help fight for the cause.

  5. Love the pic!

    As for folding, I fold. My other half? I think he may just be more neurotic than I am in the underwear department. First off, boxer briefs are to be worn out of the house (i.e. if he has to walk anywhere — evidently boys chafe, too), while briefs are only worn at home (with the sweatpants).

    Secondly, the folding. Ohhh, the folding. His boxer briefs must be folded in threes, then in half (like I fold mine). However, imagine my consternation the first time I saw him SHAKE OUT every similarly-folded pair of briefs before tossing them in the drawer! He’s so anal about the boxer briefs that he’ll arrange them by colour (*so* not joking), but the ginch just get tossed about willy-nilly.

    Heh. I said willy.

    P.S. Don’t tell him I shared *his* TMI… 😉

    • My husband has similar folding rituals. In fact, if I wash any of his pants, I leave them lying flat on the bed for him to fold later. He’d probably just re-fold them anyway. (LOVE YOU, DEAR. YOUR FOLDING IS A-DORABLE. SMOOCHES.)

      • Matt

        Hey now, if you want non-wrinkled jeans, there’s no other way.

        Okay, now that I’m reading that, it doesn’t make any sense. Nor does the fact that I fold my undershirts. I’ve considered not doing so, but just can’t bring myself to do it. Especially since I’ve got different kinds and sometimes I want the ones that fit right and sometimes I don’t care. It depends on the shirt…

        Okay, I’m just making this hole deeper. I’m gonna stop now.

        • But if you didn’t fold your undershirts, where would you put them? Certainly not just in a stack somewhere. We have STANDARDS in this hou — OK. I can’t do it without laughing.

  6. messponential

    There are people who fold underwear? Seriously? I am ALL for the under-wads.

  7. OMG, too funny girl. I will definately be adding this to my list of future blog posts. BTW, I totally don’t wear bras because they dont’ fit me right. I’m like a 36 nearly A, which I am pretty sure doesn’t exist, so that makes me a freak right? I’m pretty sure it does.

  8. I fold my son’s underwear, but not my own. Once I get to the third fold I’m just depressed that it takes that much fabric to cover my ass, so underwads it is.