Girl Talk Thursday – Halloween costumes!

Confession time.

I have not dressed up for Halloween since I was 15 years old. My best friend and I decided at the last minute we would make one last ditch effort at trick-or-treating before we’d draw nasty looks from the neighbors. I think I was supposed to be a little kid, and she was a devil. That’s what this horrible photo suggests, anyway:


I cropped out the evil, nightmare-inducing clown lamp that inexplicably remained in my room until I went off to college. But I left the Little Mermaid poster, which I totally stand by as being the perfect accessory for a teenager’s room.

Last year, Vio was a witch, and she insisted I get a witch’s hat to match hers. I guess that was sort of a costume, as much as you can count an 8 months pregnant woman in all black and a witch’s hat a costume.


Other than that, the only costumes I have proof of me wearing are from the late 80s/early 90s when I was in elementary school. I apologize for the poor quality of the images, but I had to pull screencaps from home videos that I recently transferred from VHS to the computer. That’s a LOT of transfers, folks. It doesn’t stop me looking any less dumb, however, so do feel free to laugh along.


Picture 1

Pre-dress primping. I think I was a “bride” that year. I don’t appear to be excited about it. I can remember those hot rollers were digging right into my scalp. Note to self: Do not put Vio and Roo through such tortures at the age of six.


Picture 8

Dude, I was FIERCE. Your guess is as good as mine on this one. I’m wearing the dress I wore as flower girl in my cousin’s VERY 80s wedding. It goes with my awesome DJ Tanner hair, I suppose.


Picture 4

Some sort of ferocious cat, I’m assuming. Contrary to what this picture implies, I never became an emo kid.


Picture 6

This one doesn’t show my costume (OR BANGS, WHICH ARE STILL THERE, I ASSURE YOU) very well, but it does show what a big deal Halloween always was at my house. That’s my mom’s head on a platter there on the left, and my younger brother is dressed up as a surgeon. I can’t say with full certainty, but a good portion of his costume may have been borrowed from the hospital where my mother worked at the time. Once again, I was some sort of princess/bride/freakshow combination of the two.

So that’s all the humiliation I think I can muster up for one post. What are some of your favorite costumes from your past? Most embarrassing? Did you, too, have a horrible 80s hairdo?


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12 responses to “Girl Talk Thursday – Halloween costumes!

  1. messponential

    Totally digging the gold eye mask! And I’m all for Disney movie posters in your bedroom at any age… well… not after high school because I may or may not have had a Lion King poster in my room until I went to college.


    • I also had an Aladdin poster. That one is actually hanging in Vio’s room now! (Though she won’t watch the movie. She is scared of THE GENIE.) The Little Mermaid one seems to have disappeared.

  2. Those are some awesome, awesome pictures!

  3. Ian

    as much as you can count an 8 months pregnant woman in all black and a witch’s hat a costume.

    Maybe it’s just my recent living situation, but I can think of nothing scarier.

    I, too, am totally digging the gold mask.

  4. DJ Tanner hair. LOL

    I so idolized her.

    Love your “ferocious cat” costume…you look really, um…ferocious. πŸ˜‰

    • Yeah, Candace Cameron was The One to Emulate back in elementary school. Have you caught reruns of that show recently? Makes me wonder what we all were thinking.

  5. Wow, your pics are great! haha. Love the witch hat thing, and REALLY love the gold masquerade thing.

    • I think I kept the mask on for as long as it took my dad to do the video, but OH THE ITCHY EYES. It’s hard to tell in this picture, but there is a gold-sequined TIARA on my head to match.

  6. Your photos are excellent! And make me really nostalgic. How cool your mom played along like she did…

    • It’s still my mom’s favorite holiday. My brother and his girlfriend have kept the “haunted garage” thing going. After Halloween, I’ll have to do a post just on THEIR costumes. They go all out every year and have so much fun with it. I’m totally a Mom for Halloween these days. πŸ™‚

  7. Awesome. My most embarrassing costume: I was 8 years old and I was a pirate complete with snowpants and boots trudging through the snow to go door to door in Wisconsin.

  8. This pictures RULE.

    I need a scanner.