And then the commercial came on where the mother is dropping her daughter off at college for the first time

Vio potty-trained.


Pretty much overnight. Friday night she cried in bed because she had to pee, and “big girls don’t pee in their beds!” So she got out of bed and peed and woke up the next morning with a dry diaper. And asked to wear underwear all day. And didn’t have any accidents.

This is the same child who, on Friday, wet two pairs of underwear.

So, from Friday morning to Saturday morning, something just clicked.

Everyone told me it would happen that way, but it just didn’t seem POSSIBLE. Not with my stubborn Vio. Not with the child who would work herself into hysterics because she’d sat on the potty and been unable to go.

But now it’s like she’s been doing this for years. All, “Yeah, I used the potty. JEALOUS?”

She’s still in diapers when we leave the house, though I’m tempted to risk it, because I don’t think she’ll wet the underwear. She gets angry enough at wetting a diaper. I’ll probably leave her in them overnight as long as she’ll allow it, since we’re in cloth. She woke up at 3AM last night to use the toilet.

And went right back to bed.


As if that weren’t enough, we finally turned her car seat to a forward-facing position. Yes, she’s three years old. Yes, I know most people did that two years ago. But with the guidelines being what they are, and her seat being approved for rear-facing up to 33lbs. (at any height within the height limits of the seat), I saw no need to turn her around. I’d really prefer to keep her rear-facing until age four, but her legs are so long that I no longer felt the straps were protecting her as they should. (And yet, I read that link I just posted and immediately want to go turn the thing back around again. Have issues. ISSUES.)

So, to sum it all up:

  • Friday – diaper wearing rear-facer
  • Saturday – potty-trained forward-facer.

You guys? I am SO not ready for this.


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3 responses to “And then the commercial came on where the mother is dropping her daughter off at college for the first time

  1. Kylie

    Just wanted to encourage you to go for it with the outing and nighttime underwear. We had a couple of false starts with PTing but once it clicked it clicked for good and in 6 months we have maybe had a handful of accidents the last being shortly after the newborn came home from the hospital 4.5 months ago. Nighttime we had been dry overnight for a long time and had a couple of accidents right after we switched to underwear but have been dry ever since.

  2. That’s so awesome, that she just decided overnight to potty train. Total attitude. I LOVE HER.

  3. Dude, that is AWESOME! YAY!