Dude Response Friday – Matt’s List of Five

Because I’m an awesome wife, I’ve let Matt take over my blog to post his List of Five. Now, for your viewing pleasure:












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8 responses to “Dude Response Friday – Matt’s List of Five

  1. Diane Lane? That’s surprising, but I like it.

    • Matt

      Yes, #5 was tough…Diane was surprised too.

      Really, #1 and #2 were solid. I expect they’ll still be there in 5 years. The others, who knows.

      • Number 5 was TOUGH? Bit of an understatement.

        And you never would have come up with #4 if you hadn’t been copying off George’s paper. 😉

      • Matt

        Hey now, it’s a tough call. I didn’t have as much research time as you 😛

        And, yes, George gave me the idea, but I probably would have come up with her myself (if only because you would have eventually reminded me of her). So there! Or something.

  2. I love love love NP. Great list! I think my husband may be one of the few men who loves women but is passionately anti-Ang, sigh.

    • Don’t feel too bad, mine is passionately anti-Scar Jo, even after showing him the picture from your husband’s list. (They must be on the crazy pills, or something.)

      • messponential

        Anti Scar-Jo but all Angie?

        Scarlett Johansen is in MY Top 5 and she’s #1 for Joby. 🙂 (he’s putting together his list now)

    • Ian

      I’m not into Angelina either. Jenna Fischer and Kristen Bell though–I’m not sure I’ll ever actually make it down to find out who no. 5 is.