The part that comes after the bad part is really the worst part

First things first. CHECK OUT MY RAWKIN’ BANNER. It comes to me courtesy of the gorgeous Mommy Melee. Seriously, I cannot thank her enough. Finally this corner of the internet feels like it’s ALL MINE muahahahahaha. Except the tag line, because she made that up. And the comments, because you guys sort of have free rein there. But these wordy parts here between the snazzy header and kickin’ comments? All mine, baby.

It occurs to me that I have serious problems.

Moving on.

I think the stomach bug is finally behind us. After I wrote on Friday that I wasn’t sure if Vio was actually sick or not, she went ahead and confirmed it by throwing up first thing Saturday morning. And it was double confirmed by my own aching belly that same day. But! We are past the crackers and applesauce and toast and MOAR CRACKERS, so all can return to norma–

Oh, that’s right. We’re in the post-sickness doldrums. The place where nothing goes right. The place where joy implodes and WHINING IS ALL THAT EXISTS.

You guys? Can I come stay with you for a couple of days?

Things that have made Vio cry in the past two days:

  • Roo crawling toward her on the floor. Giggling.
  • Her fridge alphabet toy not saying the word “breakfast” when she put in the letter ‘B’. It … has never said that before.
  • Being told Mommy will get her a snack just as soon as she’s done going to the bathroom. Sorry sweetums, but they don’t make bumGenius in mama’s size.
  • Her blanket and sheet not being perfectly lined up at bed time.
  • An episode of Clifford ending, but not because it was over. Because another was about to start.
  • Her toy phone falling between the bed and the wall, where she couldn’t reach it.
  • Her ball falling behind the rocking chair, where she COULD reach it.

I’m trying really hard to remain patient while her body finds its way back to equilibrium. But I’m not making any promises should a wayward band of gypsies traipse through my backyard.



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4 responses to “The part that comes after the bad part is really the worst part

  1. You can always put her in a box and ship her to me. I’ll play with her for a few days and send her back. For you, I’ll even feed and water her.

  2. Jaded Perspective

    Man a sick whiny kid can bring out the stabby in anyone. (Especially a whiny sick hubs, but I won’t go there.)
    Hope Vio kicks it soon so she can go back to her regularly scheduled and less frequent whining! LOL (HUGS)

  3. Ugh, those whiney days with the kids… It’s hard! All day long I say to myself, “patience is a virtue” and I try, try, try and then eventually my kid gets a time out!

  4. I am so glad you posted this. I have been dealing with this with Bug for over a week now, the post sick fallout. I also get this (although much more mild) after he comes home from pre-school after a report of having a completely wonderful day. I don’t get it and it’s all I can do to keep from losing my shit.