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It’s Girl Talk Thursday, and we’re talking dreams! The original topic asked about recurring dreams, weird dreams, or sex dreams, so I’ve thrown together a mish-mash of all three in my CLASSIC bullet point style.

  • I don’t have recurring dreams, but I do have a cast of characters who appear with great frequency. Most of them are old friends from high school, and I think each one of them must symbolize something for me subconsciously. An example is a friend of mine who was always super organized and WITH IT, and I looked up to her a lot. I dream about her when I seem to be aiming to better myself in some way. Cheesy, no?
  • Whoops. That last one is totally a lie. I DO have one recurring dream. It’s the classic end-of-term-and-I-just-realized-I-never-went-to-biology-and-the-final-is-TODAY scenario. Since it has been a good 8 years since I sat for a final exam, I’m beginning to think these are here to stay.
  • Most of my nightmares involve alligators or bad things happening to my teeth. Occasionally I’ll have a really horrible one about someone dying or nearly dying myself, but normally my nightmares are something I can tell Matt in the morning, and we’ll laugh about for hours (or years) afterward. If I ask nicely, maybe he’ll regale us with his terrifying dream of the rabbits who would sprout extra heads in the comments.
  • When I was pregnant, my number one nightmare was that Matt was hooking up with a ton of other women or was “unsure” if he wanted us to be together anymore. Uh. I might have actually been mad at him for a bit in the mornings that followed. Let’s just chalk that up to the pregnancy hormones.
  • Sex dreams are SUPER frustrating for me. I understand why, with two children, opportunities are scarce for getting down to business. In real life. However. That does NOT explain to me why my sex dreams must be ripe with interruptions and people who just will not leave us alone long enough to git ‘er done.
  • Most of these dreams are about my husband (as I’m sure he’s relieved to read.) Most others are about famous people or random people from my past or day-to-day life who are not even remotely sexually attractive to me. It’s never John Krasinski or Jon Stewart. It’s more like … the pediatrician or some American Idol contestant. Awesome.
  • When I have the not-my-husband variety of dream, it tends to stick in my mind for about 24 hours. Typically, it’s the sheer horror of it, as I try to figure out WHY BRAIN WHY did you make me experience that? It feels insanely real for quite some time.
  • I dream in black and white, but never color.
  • I do believe our dreams can tell us things we already know on a subconscious level. My mom tells the story of how, when she was pregnant with my brother, she dreamed he would be stillborn on the 27th of the month. When she started feeling cramping on the 26th, she insisted my father take her right in to the hospital. It turned out he was breach, with his chin caught on her pelvis. They did a C-section around 10PM on the 26th. Had she continued to labor, his neck would have been broken by the pushing, almost definitely on the 27th. I’m not claiming she was psychic or something, but I do think her body found a way to communicate to her that the baby was in distress.

Now, for the rest of you! Do you have any dream quirks? Do you actually get to have some sex in your sex dreams? (Do you get to have sex with John Krasinski in your dreams? If the answer is ‘yes’, I might have to pound on you a little bit.) Share in the comments, or hop on over to the original post, and Mr. Linky it up!



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7 responses to “Girl Talk Thursday – Dreamy

  1. Ian

    I find it fascinating you dream in black and white. There was a QI Fact of the Day a few weeks ago that a quarter of people who grew up with black and white TV dream in black and white, but less than five per cent of under-25s do.

    I’ve never had a sex dream about John Krasinski, I assure you. In fact I don’t know I’ve had a sex dream at all since I was a teenager. Maybe it’s different for men than for women.

  2. I’ve definitely had sex, realllllllly good sex, sex that makes me wake up all hot & flustered, in my dreams.

    Sometimes. Rarely. More than in reality tho šŸ˜›

  3. I have never thought about if my dreams were in color…I need to make a mental note to try to remember.

  4. My dreams are in color. Funny!

    I think dreams tell us things too. I dreamed I was pregnant with twins and woke up the next day, took a pregnancy test and it was positive. 4 weeks later we found it was twins. 12 weeks after that one of the babies died. I never dreamed that one though and I don’t think the warning would have helped the pain any.

    I’ve been known to be mad at my hubs when I dream that we fight… and I can’t blame the preggo hormones on that one. šŸ™‚

  5. That story of your mother’s is amazing… I sort of want to cry right now with relief that your brother was OK.

    I have also had the weird NOT MY HUSBAND kind of dreams. Usually with my boss. WTF?

  6. Matt

    Okay, so it’s been years, but…

    I remember waking up from a dream (nightmare?) and telling Diane about it. The gist of it was that there were these rabbits that (I think?) were chasing me. Not so scary, right? But, when I looked at them, if they turned their head a certain way they would just sprout up another head right from their neck.

    I know, I know, it sounds stupid and/or funny…but I’d like to see how you reacted if you had multiple-headed rabbits chasing YOU.

    (P.S. I will never hear the end of this dream, by the way.)

    (P.P.S. Haha, John Krasinski is engaged :P)

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