7 Quick Takes – Brain dump edition

1. Part of the reason I’ve been so quiet on here is that there has been a great deal of Drama and Goings On in my family and general geographic location. Both of my mom’s brothers have had health issues, and then our neighbor died. Then there were the birthdays (yes, PLURAL, see also #5 below). Maybe we should just leave it at I HAVE BEEN A BIT DISTRACTED.

2. Roo has an affinity for hair. Ever since she could control her hands, she’s been grabbing for fistfuls of my hair and gnawing on them with delight. This is why, if you see me, you’ll first note my rockin’ mom ponytail. (It’s totally not out of laziness. I really love doing my hair. It’s ACES. If I keep explaining how much I love it, you’ll start believing me, right? Because, I do. It’s the best.) You can imagine, then, that in the absence of hair attached to my head to play with, she goes off in search of hair NOT attached to my head to play with. In the form of the globs of my hair that STILL seem to be falling out and accumulating in every corner of the house. Yesterday, I pulled no fewer then FOUR balls of hair out of her mouth. I’d rather not think about how much she has probably ingested.

3. Because I keep such a close eye on her and wrench so much hair from her hungry little mouth, her hunt for hair has now become her surreptitious hunt for hair. Not ten minutes ago, I saw her fist close around something on the floor, and the sound of me standing up sent her into an immediate “OH CRAP SHE CAUGHT ME” crawl for her life. This kid is learning to be sneaky.

4. I sat out Girl Talk Thursday this week because I flat out could not answer the question. I mostly lack local girlfriends, which is SAD, and something I would love to correct, but I’m just really really bad with people. Pretty much I assume people are annoyed by me and are only being nice to me out of obligation. That’s … a really stupid way to go through life, so I’m working on it. For now, my closest “chick friend” (which, she will KILL ME for calling her that) lives 3000+ miles away. Pretty much it has to be this way, because the world can’t handle the awesome unleashed on all of mankind when we get together. (True story. I read it in one of our IM conversations.)

5. I think Cake Week 2009 has officially drawn to a close, though there will be one brief reprise next Saturday for my mother’s birthday. Vio shares her birthday with my mother-in-law and my husband’s cousin. Matt’s birthday falls four days before Vio’s. We have a lot of family down here, and it can be hard to get everyone together just once, which results in A LOT of cake consumption. Add to that the dozen cupcakes we had leftover from Vio’s birthday party, and, yeah. That’s several thousand calories’ worth of icing bonking around my thighular region.

6. When I saw the plus sign appear on the pregnancy test nearly four years ago, one of the first things I did was count backward in my head to figure out a due date. August? FRICK. Sought out online due date calculator. August 17? DOUBLE FRICK. Don’t get me wrong, I love my MIL. I just really wanted Vio to have her OWN birthday. Around 11PM on August 16, I said, OUT LOUD, “OK, little baby. You just have to hang in there for one more day!” At precisely 11:18PM, my water broke. OH I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING. It bothered me a lot that my child was going to have to share her birthday with two other (local, at that) family members. That is, until it occurred to me that it gave ME something in common with Matt’s family, too. Both his maternal grandmother and aunt, my two favorite members of his family, had given birth that day. It made me feel such an intense connection to both of those women that, now, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

7. Looking at these “Quick” takes, probably I should have written a bit more this week. Sometimes I don’t realize how much I have to say until it hits me all at once.

(As always, you can find more Quick Takes over at Conversion Diary. Happy weekend, Interland!)



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7 responses to “7 Quick Takes – Brain dump edition

  1. These were so funny! I’m glad I clicked on your link 🙂 Hope your days get back to some sort of normalcy soon.

  2. amy

    This 7 quick takes made me smile. I’m bookmarking you!


  3. Jaded Perspective

    Bring me some cake!

  4. Supposedly August is the most popular month for babies to be born. I believe it! I have four birthday to celebrate during the first week of August alone!

    If it makes you feel any better, I can’t be bothered to ever style my hair and my baby isn’t even out in the world yet. I guess I’ve got the whole mom-ponytail thing down already!

  5. #4!!! Me too. All the way. My chick friend is name Lyndsey, which is very close to your chick friend’s name! And she lives in KC and I live in Houston. Not sure how far away that is but it’s FAR!

  6. I’ll live with being the “chick friend.” Better than being the “dick friend.”