Subsequently, I burnt the orzo while typing up this post

So this evening I set out to make dinner in a VERY messy kitchen. With Roo’s new mobility, getting much of anything done has been pretty difficult. As we struggle to find the “new normal”, we plod along getting as much done as possible. So the laundry is done, but the dishes? Haha.

I needed a large pot to cook up some orzo pilaf, but I was TOTALLY SHOCKED to find it caked with marinara sauce from dinner last night. I put it in the sink to soak for 10 minutes or so while I set about playing on Twitter tidying up the living room. Vio had been in the kitchen trying to “help me” with the dishes, and I left her at the sink stirring the water in the soaking pot with a big spoon. (This activity? I don’t know why I don’t think of it ALL THE TIME. She freaking loves stirring dirty sink water with a big spoon.)

After a few minutes, I noticed it was REALLY QUIET. I ventured into the kitchen, peeking between my fingers, afraid of what I might encounter. What I saw was this:

Cute pics4

She was WASHING DISHES. And not just the one dish, like I originally thought (and reported to Twitter, because that is so the first thing all the rest of you would do too, DON’T LIE). She did a whole sink full of dishes.

Dishes1 edit

Seriously? I could eat up this cuteness. But where did the dishes come from? SURELY they came from the counter overflowing with disgustingness:

Dishes3 edit

No? Let’s check elsewhere.

Dishes2 edit

Ah, there we have it. They came from the dishwasher. The dishwasher that was sitting open because I ran it this afternoon, and I was letting everything air dry. My freshly cleaned dishes were all coated in soapy marinara water.

Dishes4 edit

Also coated in marinara water? Vio, her clothing, the floor.

And yet … I’m pretty sure I’ve never been more proud. (Also? I blogged this so I can show it to her when she’s 12 and thinks doing dishes is SO TOTALLY LAME, MOM. GOD.)



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5 responses to “Subsequently, I burnt the orzo while typing up this post

  1. Awww! Don’t you just remember being a kid, thinking you were being awesome and helpful while your mother stared agape at whatever fresh horror you’d managed to cook up in the name of altruism?

  2. Ian

    Really? You can’t think why you don’t more often encourage your daughter to pass the time by “stirring dirty sink water”? Really?

    If you’re going to open a school to train toddlers to do housework, you can totally count on me enrolling my Paul and Girl-Paul.

  3. Matt

    You win the prize for the funniest post yet. Captions are priceless 🙂

  4. I loved this post! My 5-year-old begged me to show her how to load the dishwasher. After one time she was so over it. Oh well.

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