Ordinary day

Today was a good day.

It started out like any other — earlier than I’d like, and louder, of course.

My father came over for a couple of hours to play with his granddaughters. They piled into his lap and listened to stories. He took Vio for a walk, and she brought me back wildflowers she saw along the trail.

Nap time came quickly, and before I knew it, Matt was home. He came bearing cookies, which Vio and I shared over giggles. We all sat on the carpet, the four of us, rolling balls back and forth, banking them off the couches and making them spin. Even Roo was playing along, with her chubby baby wrists, chucking the balls with all the force she could muster. When things got too silly, Vio shouted, “Come on now, guys!” and we all laughed.

We went to Target to pick up some things and decided a simple dinner was in order. I had a hot dog while Vio had some macaroni and cheese. A silly treat, to eat at the Target food court. She had her first taste of ICEE … “My mouth is COLD,” she declared, with wide eyes. We spent an hour just wandering the aisles, looking at plates and decorations in preparation for her upcoming birthday party. We discovered a Belle doll (her favorite princess) and her face lit up, but she didn’t ask for it. She’s not yet to the age where she asks for things, and I try to treasure that. While Matt picked up a prescription, she and I paced back and forth. “I’m stepping on the windows, Mommy. The windows in the floor. Like those, on the ceiling!” She was chasing the reflections of the big fluorescent lights on the shiny floor. I remembered doing the same thing when I was young and tried to breathe in a little bit of that magic.

We came home, and Roo gobbled up her oatmeal — definitely a first. Normally she deigns to accept a couple of bites, but this week has been all about proving what a big girl she’s becoming. She’ll be eight months old in just five days, and I have no idea where the time has gone. We spent the rest of the evening taking pictures of the girls, making faces, and playing on the floor.

It was a simple day, to be sure. Nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary. But it’s a day I want to remember, a long time from now, when they’re both big and don’t want to hold my hand. A day when a taste of daddy’s ICEE and storybooks with papa were all it took to make them happy. A day when pulling up from a crawl was a triumph.

Today was a good day.


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2 responses to “Ordinary day

  1. brian

    Sounds like an amazing day to me.

  2. Myg

    I really cherish the good days too. When you just do normal stuff but you’re all doing it together and they’re still so little and the world is so new for them and you just soak in all of that togetherness stuff. Yep, that’s one of the best days ever.