7 Quick Takes – All over the place edition

1. Our power bill last month was $192. (I keep the thermostat at 80/81 degrees, but I think our house must have a hole in it some place. That might explain where all these children keep coming from, with their demands to be fed and read to.) I take pretty much everything as a challenge, so I’ve vowed to hang all of our clothes to dry to see what a difference it makes. This has the added bonus of forcing me to do laundry a bit at a time instead of the all day laundrypaloozas that result in 18 baskets filled with clean clothes that never never get put away and cover every horizontal surface in the house including, but not limited to, the couch, kitchen counter, washer and dryer, and toilet.

2. My latest FAVORITE GAME EVER for my iPod Touch is Triazzle. As you might be able to guess from the name if you’re super sleuthy, it’s a jigsaw puZZLE cut into TRIAngles. They fit together tons of ways, but there is only one way to match all the edges that complete the full puzzle. If you’re looking for a cheap way to scale way back on productivity, this is your answer.

3. I am SO grateful my husband normally gets home from work shortly after 4 o’clock. This week he has been off learning how to tinker with computers in some way he didn’t know how to tinker with computers before, and he’s been getting home an hour or two later. At least when he gets home at 6, I can totally say, “No, we’re not STILL wearing our pajamas. It’s just so close to bed time, I figured we should put them back on.”

4. I’ve settled on calling the girls Vio and Roo. They aren’t super double secret witness protection names, but they are both things they get called on a daily basis, which makes it a lot easier for me to use them here. (Vio is the big one, and Roo is the little one.)

5. After years of moping that I can’t carry a tune or dance or untie a knot with my eyes closed, I’ve finally discovered my hidden talent. I’m really good at piecing together a decent dinner from the various bits and pieces of leftovers at the end of the week. Soups! Pastas! Really weird wraps! (I think I’d rather the untying knots with my eyes closed, thing. I don’t foresee the cooking skills will help me escape too many kidnappings.)

6. As I mentioned in my winding down post, I’ve started visiting the library more regularly. While I love to browse and pick up random books off the shelves, I also really appreciate hearing what other people are reading. If you’ve read something amazing (or AWFUL) recently, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

7. This goes without saying, but guys? Seriously? I am so grateful for the internet. All of my best friends are scattered about the country, but instant messenger and Twitter and blogging keep us all connected. The SAHM gig must have been a lot lonelier 20 years ago. And thank you to my friends for being SO understanding when I can’t reply more than once or twice in an hour. It helps me immensely to have any sort of grown-up conversation happening in my head as I build a spiral staircase out of Duplos for the 80th time in a morning. (Hey, neat! Now I have an acceptance speech all set for when I win one of those prestigious parenting awards.)


As always, you can find more Quick Takes over at Conversion Diary. Happy Friday, guys!


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3 responses to “7 Quick Takes – All over the place edition

  1. Jaded Perspective

    You are too funny.
    I totally feel your pain on the electric bill. Our was $305 and the next one will be more. It’s awful.
    I have been seeing your tweets too about the hubs getting home late and I completely get that too. I don’t stay at home everyday, but even when I work I bring Mas with me. So needless to say if Mike is late I feel like I am in overtime. Somebody save me!! LOL I really don’t like it and I have to remind myself not to take it out in him, I know he would rather be home with us. I think.

  2. Check out a site called goodreads.com It doesn’t require the time of facebook or blogging but helps keep a good list of books to read and lets you see what friends have read and liked (or hated.) Feel free to friend me on there.

  3. Our electric bill was $445. I just paid it today. And I cried. Last month was around $375, a normal summer bill for us. Yay for Florida electric rate increases, not. So tell me what else you did to keep it that low. Did the clothes line drying make a difference, for real? We have programmable thermostats, CFLs, energy efficient appliances, etc, etc, etc. It suuucks.