Just 4 quick takes, because the baby is eating my flip flop aga– BRB

1. Baby girl is in full-on crawl mode. Her happiness at achieving this skill lasted approximately 6 minutes, as she then realized all these couches and coffee tables have TOPS covered with TOYS and CHOKING HAZARDS. She can’t pull up yet, but I don’t think she’ll be tolerating that for long.

2. I don’t recommend running out of yogurt, string cheese, bananas, turkey cold cuts, and grapes on the same day. Particularly if those are the foods that get your incessantly-hungry-in-the-morning toddler through to naptime. (SEND FUD PLZ.)

3. I don’t want to use the girls’ names here, not because I’m worried about creepy internet stalker people, but because in combination, they’d make this blog instantly findable by my entire family. My family isn’t exactly super-supportive of my internet lovin’, so I can’t imagine they’d take too kindly to this venture. (That being said, I don’t plan on this being a place where I routinely complain about them or badmouth them in any way. I just need my own corner of the world where my mother doesn’t email me all day asking, “What did you mean when you said … ?” [I’m looking at you, FACEBOOK.]) Before the parentheses took over there, the point I was getting at is that I’m trying to decide what to call them. If anyone has suggestions, I’m open to ideas. (I do use their names on Twitter. Probably once I figure out good things to call them on here, I’ll stop doing that.)

4.  I’m guest-posting for Maria at Mommy Melee today, while she’s off in Chicago being gorgeous, getting tattooed, and meeting/reuniting with a ton of awesome mamas. I’m entirely unqualified for the task, so click on over and give me some love!

(You can find more quick takes here.)


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3 responses to “Just 4 quick takes, because the baby is eating my flip flop aga– BRB

  1. So I read you post here and over at mommymelee…I loved them both..I hear you about the yelling and that is one that my eight year old taught me too when she was little…we are still working on it esp when she starts it so it does get better….
    Now for the names do you have cute little pet names for them?
    Like pumpkin, peaches
    like Princess A and Princess B
    Or ruby and rose..Look and see what they remind you of and use those names ones that will come easily to you when you blog.
    My girls are my sunshine and my angel and I see that when I look at them..Just suggestions..
    But I enjoyed both blogs..I tried to leave some love at mommymelee but I could not find the comment button..but I have also not had coffee yet!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Ian

    Lisa’s aunt refers to her two daughters as “my perfect daughter” and “my favourite daughter”. You know, just a suggestion.

  3. You know I’m with you on finding our little corner on the web to talk. I still haven’t figured out what to call my family on my blog…maybe I should think about that now.

    Oh, I was crazy enough to run out of milk the one night that my son couldn’t get enough. Timing fail!