Girl Talk Thursday – Quirks

It’s Thursday again already, and that means it’s time for another edition of Mommy Melee’s Girl Talk Thursday!

This week we’re discussing our “Weird Quirks”. When I first heard the topic, I was afraid it was going to be a tough one for me. I’ve never thought of myself as a quirky person. I walk the straight and narrow, never a toe out of line. I follow rules as though there are invisible authority figures* watching my every move. I … should have several bullet points dotting this paragraph.

Presented in no particular order, because even a frustrated wannabe librarian like me can’t devise a way to organize one’s personality quirks.

  • I can’t let other people do my laundry. Letting Matt wash my clothes is about as far as I’m willing to go.
  • When I’m browsing books in the library, I absentmindedly straighten the shelves.
  • In the grocery store checkout line, I group items in such a way as to facilitate the most efficient bagging.
  • I did my whole math degree with one mechanical pencil, just kept replacing the lead and erasers. I discovered I didn’t have it with me on my way to my last final exam and risked being late by turning around and going home to retrieve it.
  • If I ever feel a pain in my ear, I immediately look at a clock. I’m convinced it can’t be an ear infection if I know the exact time the pain started. (I realize this makes no sense.)
  • I’m afraid of flat paint. Seriously. Touching it creeps me out. Even looking at paint of a specific texture has the ability to make my skin crawl.
  • You will never hear the words “bored” or “boring” come out of my mouth. I drive people crazy with this, but the last time I mused that things could be a tad more exciting, a tornado came past my house.
  • As you can see, I’m a pretty superstitious person. Except, instead of going with the REGULAR ones NORMAL superstitious people have, I have made up a bunch of my own.
  • If you ask me a question from a book I have read, I will remember the exact part of the page where the information was located. I won’t always remember the answer, however.
  • Statues, dolls, and figurines with human bodies + animal heads TERRIFY me. Like, worse than clowns.
  • I have to sleep on the side of the bed that is furthest from the door.
  • I sit cross-legged whenever I can get away with it, even at the dinner table. I fail at wearing skirts.
  • I agonize over how to end my blog posts. (Does that work?)

(How about this?)

* To illustrate this point, I offer you this anecdote from my first day as a library page: I was opening each book to check the first page where the branch information was written, as outlined in the shelving manual. Someone had tucked a $20 bill in the pocket where the old due date card would have been stored. I briefly considered keeping it, until I had the thought, “What if this is a TEST? What if they put it there to see if I would turn it in? IT COULD BE A TESSSSST.”


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13 responses to “Girl Talk Thursday – Quirks

  1. OK – I HAVE to group my refridgerator things together, then freezer stuff, then boxed stuff, then the rest of the groceries together on the conveyor belt! I prefer to have things that go in the same places together so I know which bags MUST be taken out and put away and which ones can wait until nap time. πŸ™‚

    I also prefer to sit cross-legged, even at the dinner table, and yes, I fail at wearing skirts too.


    Love it!

  2. Ian

    Straightening books–Lisa does this whenever we go to Barnes and Noble. Not just shelves, but whole displays (the bookseller term for this is “recovery”. I don’t know if librarians say that too.) I’m constantly telling her to stop.

    Remembering where the info was on the page–I am the exact same way. I can’t count the number of times I’ve needed to look up a piece of information that I remember a certain book having, and I sit there and flip through the entire thing, concentrating only on, say, the third quarter of the page on the right, on every–single–page.

    Good thing you didn’t live in Ancient Egypt.

    Cross-legged in a skirt–Huh. Learn something every day. I’d always been under the impression sitting cross-legged was a good way to sit in a skirt. I mean, not if it’s like a Mariah Carey-type skirt or anything, but certainly that it would be okay for skirts that were reasonably above the knee.

    • Maybe I’m using the wrong term. I meant the “Indian style” of sitting they’d have us all do in elementary school. That way of sitting is definitely not good in a skirt.

      • Ian

        Ah okay. I would call that “sitting cross-legged”, whereas “crossing your legs” is when you sit on a seat and lay one thigh over another (for a girl; for me it would be sitting on a seat and propping one ankle on top of the opposite knee).

        Maybe that’s a regional variation. Maybe it’s an English thing. (Certainly it’s called “cross-legged” in England, because we don’t have the phrase “sit Indian-style”.) Maybe it’s a New England thing. Maybe there’s an English language inside my head that’s not quite the same as the English language everyone else uses.

        But yeah, I can see why that would be bad in a skirt. Mental note for new addition to the list of reasons why skirts are awesome: because when women sit on the floor, they have to do so by kneeling. Which is pretty sexy.

      • Ian

        And as you have just pointed out over IM, I see “sit cross-legged” is exactly the phrase you used. I just read it as “sit with my legs crossed.” Weird. I’m going to have be reviewing that part of my vocabulary for a while to fix this.

      • ThePsychobabble

        also known as “criss-cross applesauce” for some reason I haven’t yet figured out…..

  3. Jaded Perspective

    Ok the grocery store thing, I totally do that. I try to keep it that way in the cart. LOL If it makes you feel better, I too would think the $20 was a test!

  4. I do that at the grocery shop too! And the book tidying? I’ve always had a weird habit of doing that in *every* store, even before I ever got a job in retail!

    Everyone’s got something, its kinda interesting, really!

  5. Ian

    Oh, and what happened to the $20? At B&N, if we turn in found money and no one claims it, it’s ours after a month.

    • My supervisor pulled the file and contacted the person who last checked out the book.

      In retrospect, I’m pretty sure turning in that money bought me way more than $20 worth of character points from my bosses.

  6. Brian

    Oh I love the sorting quirks. I tend to sort things for geometric reasons, regardless of semantic or function. At the grocery store I try to make everything form one giant rectangle, like I’m playing tetris. I get SO angry when the checker starts tearing it apart before I’m done. How am I ever gonna get that high score?

  7. Amber

    Ok well apparently we are the same person! I ALWAYS have to sleep away from the door, I straighten things in every store I ever go to, I can see the page in every book I have ever read, and I am terrifed of dolls! This is kind of creepy! πŸ™‚

  8. I love to peel the lint out of the dryer and think it is supreme if it comes out in one thick uninterrupted clump.
    I think I’m going to steal this idea to do a post of my own.