Girl Talk Thursday – What turns you on?

This week’s Girl Talk Thursday is a bit of a head-scratcher for me. It’s hard to think about what turns me on when my day-to-day life is chock full of diaper-changing and nose-picking-wiping. Toss in a co-sleeping scenario that involves a 7-month-old who currently won’t sleep unless she is nestled into my bosom (and a helping of breastfeeding vagina) and, yeah. I don’t get many opportunities to be turned on these days, is what I’m saying here.

(Also not helping: Writing this while nursing down said 7-month-old while on a DISNEY FAMILY VACATION.)

Where I’m really having a hard time with this is finding the middle ground between my more vanilla turn-ons (Freshly Showered Boys) that just aren’t all that interesting to read about, and super personalย  turn-ons (SHARK ATTACK SHOWS) that I can’t bear to share with the whole wide world. But that’s really hard to do, so I’m going to list some things on a scale from Meh to Whoa. In order, of course, because I’m a librarian, and that’s just how we do things.

  • Cologne. Simple and not at all surprising, but oh my good golly.
  • Watching men fix things. Rawr.
  • Watching men think. Am I alone in this one? It’s my love of all things Nerd, I think. Watching a guy solve a complex math problem is super hot.
  • A good-fitting pair of jeans. And it probably doesn’t matter if they’re on him or me. If I feel like I’m looking good, I’m more apt to be turned on.
  • Compliments. This ties in to the last one. If he tells me I look hot, I’ll feel hot. This definitely helps when I feel decidedly UN-hot. (Uh, pretty much all the time lately, to be honest.)
  • John Krasinski. Dude.
  • Having to hide it. One thing that has always turned me on (and, I suspect, will continue to do so until the day I die) is knowing I have to be sneaky. Convenient, as Sneaky Sex is really the only kind a mom of two very small children ever gets to have. Some of my best memories involve wanting to do such things when (and where) I wasn’t supposed to be doing them. (This is where I politely ask my college friends to refrain from leaving details in the comments. Ahem.)
  • Anticipation. This one is pretty loaded. It can be anywhere from the anticipation of simply getting to be together sans accompaniment, to the anticipation of being touched. The more I have to wait for it, the better it gets.
  • Shark Attack Shows. Because duh.

So now that I’ve overshared, I’m dying to know what turns you guys on. I’ve surely left out a lot, and I’m always looking for new inspiration.



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11 responses to “Girl Talk Thursday – What turns you on?

  1. Dude! Didn’t think of men fixing things but yeah, RAWR! And I think this incorporates watching men thing too because when they get all involved in a project and are concentrating… that’s just hot. Of course, sometimes, when the project doesn’t go well and things get thrown around the garage or house, well… that kills it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have never, to this day, ever watched Jaws. The first 5 minutes freaked me out as a kid and that’s it, I have no desire. So shark shows for me are totally out. Oh well… I have my clean sheets, yo.

    God I’m SO BORING!

  2. Shark attack shows? Well I won’t knock it till I try it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Dude. I love watching men fix things. And cologne/manly smell? YUM.

    I’m not a librarian, but only cuz I can’t find a job (I have my MLIS), so I appreciate organization ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Myg

    Ooooh that math thing IS hot. *Files it.

  5. Oh my. I stumbled on this blog and it’s super naughty. Am I even allowed to be here? It’s like if “eyes wide shut” were a blog. Anyway, I have to say, this post is living proof that MILF’s are a total turn on. Just knowing that a mom (my wife included) has a sexy side, trapped in there, is pretty fucking cool. Rock on! I need to go take a cold shower…

  6. I am ALL over the manly smell. There was a cologne I loved back in college (still do love it), and there was a guy in one my classes who wore it. I guess I didn’t sit by him too much (it was in a huge room), but I sat behind him, and lasted maybe 2 minutes before I had to move to another seat. The prof was blathering on about Rome or something, and I could only think about jumping over the seat in front of me and throwing him down on the ground.

    MMM…boy smell…

  7. Oh, and Diane is talking about me with this: (This is where I politely ask my college friends to refrain from leaving details in the comments. Ahem.)

    Email for juicy details…

    • Yeah, lady. Calm down. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Hell, they can email ME for details if they want them. They just aren’t going up on this here blog. I have an image to uphold, you know. SQUEAKY CLEAN.

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