Because if I blog it, it can’t happen

So, we’re planning this trip. We’ve been planning it off and on all year. It’s not a huge trip, just a couple of nights in Orlando (we’re <2 hours away). Back during the Super Bowl there was some sort of contest with the promo for Heroes and if you clicked some thing or another you’d win a 7-day 2-park pass to Universal Orlando. And I actually won! (They awarded THOUSANDS of these things. I assure you my luck normally isn’t that good.) And then, because the slackers who lived here before us have never redirected their mail, we got a different kind of free Universal Orlando pass. Good for either the person named OR a person living at that address. Finally this daily annoyance pays off.

This requires some planning, what with a 2-year-old and a 7-month-old, but we finally settled on dates. And settling on dates means booking a hotel. Except for ONE THING. And here, Internet, is where I show you what a crazy person I am.

I am utterly convinced that once we get that hotel room booked, we will all fall ill with some horrible, debilitating stomach bug. I, uh, have no reason for this. My husband thinks I’m a nutcake. Honestly, I don’t disagree.

Anyone else have ridiculous paranoia about silly things?


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4 responses to “Because if I blog it, it can’t happen

  1. Jaded Perspective

    Dude. You are not crazy. I think that pre-trip EVERY time. Also? Sorry about being partially to blame for the stomach bug fear. I am sure all will be fine. Happy packing!

    • mrsdashoff

      Haha! It’s not just you, I promise. At least 10 moms have had littles with bugs lately. We had one in March … I’m just hoping we caught it early? Ugh. There is just no (common) illness I hate more.

  2. hee hee No, you’re not crazy. I’m all about setting low expectations anyway. Then, everything seems great.

  3. Oh snap, we have those too! When are you going? We should all go be miserable Floridians together.