The talent I wish I had

I have been trying to write this, my First Official Blog Post, for weeks now. In my head, it’s been brewing. Should I talk about how I am struggling to find my voice as a writer? Should I talk about the blogs that have influenced my life and brought me to this moment? Should I talk about how I only really had the guts to do it because a few headstrong women all but demanded it of me?

I thought it was important, frankly, what I said to introduce myself. And how I said it. That if I didn’t do it properly, no one would come back. I’m nothing if not horribly self-conscious. So I guess this post here is a cop-out. I’m completely forgoing the introductions and jumping right into it.

The Girl Talk Thursday topic this week is to talk about the talent you wish you had. I find that so apropos as I sit here, watching my words grab hold of the page (screen? textbox type thing?) completely unsure of myself and what I’m saying. I’m not entirely sure if this can be considered a talent, but I so wish I had the ability to fully express the thoughts I have in my head. I struggle with this on a daily basis. It may be the perfectionist in me who will never be fully satisfied with the words I choose to describe something. I am forever revisiting past experiences, wishing I had said this or that. I will probably spend forever editing this post before getting the guts to hit publish.

So. The talent to express myself succinctly and fully. I suppose I can sit and wish for the talent, or I can work at it by writing and interacting with non-babies on a more regular basis (even if it has to be internetally.) The blogging world has given me so much. While I lack the conceit to think this is somehow giving back, I do hope that it will calm the voice in my head who begs to be heard as I ceaselessly shush.

(And if that doesn’t count as a talent I wish I had, then I pick playing the piano. Because I don’t think FingerPiano on my iPod really counts.)

(Also, please to be ignoring the out-of-the-box theme/generic banner thing here. I plan to make this place feel a bit more like home in the coming months.)

(No, I don’t always speak in parentheticals, but today is a special occasion, so I thought I should celebrate accordingly. If you look at them just right, they’re like little pieces of confetti floating through the air.)


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10 responses to “The talent I wish I had

  1. Way to get that out there! I’m so proud of you. Your first blog post

  2. Jaded Perspective

    Yay! I heart you!

  3. Great job on your first post!

    Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it. I used to spend HOURS writing my posts, and then editing and re-editing. And while I’m proud of a few of them, for the most part I cringe when I see people have been reading my old posts.

    I’m so much more…. ME now. Even if ME has some typos and isn’t always eloquent.

  4. Adding you to my Google Reader! And saying out loud, “IT’S ABOUT TIME.”

    Yay yay yay!!!

  5. WOOO HOOO! I’m echoing Emily: it’s about freaking time!

    You’re already in my reader and I have also added you to my blogroll. I will not fail to stoop to anything if it will make you write more!

    So glad you’re doing this.

  6. Carmen

    *click* That sound you hear is me adding you to my Google Reader.

  7. Dude. Way overdue. WAYYYY. Nice nice nice.

  8. Yay! Loved the post, love that you started a blog. Added you to my reader and will put you in my blogroll on my site.

    Hug! I’m new at this stuff too and it’s really hard for me to put myself out there and then find the correct words to express the chaos in my head. So I get it. I’ll keep coming back!!!

  9. Big fat welcome to the party!!

  10. Welcome to the big bloggy world! I’ll add you to my google reader too! It’s always nice to have some fresh perspective. 😉